Martinique is more than just decoration, more than just antique furniture that tells us about history, culture and the past… It is also more than something exotic and colonial.


Martinique is the sum of all this; It is the essence of traveling, of having an exploratory spirit, restless and full of the desire to soak up life and what it has to teach each one of us.


It is a way of living, where we learn to respect and honor bits of history, distant memories and past lives through each of our furniture.

When we discover a piece, it’s exciting because we don’t just see a piece of furniture, we see its journey, where it comes from, we see the story behind it… That story that gives it a specific personality, with a specific name that seeks to convey its teaching.


And why are the stories so important, the origin of each of our pieces?

Because they bring a teaching with them, a way of seeing life that accompanies us in everyday life…


Each piece is the symbol of learning, and with its presence in our homes, we seek to cultivate and acquire these ancient teachings that little by little are filtering into our culture and our lives so that each time we are a little more connected with ourselves. ourselves, with our own way of life.


Martinique is finding your own path, your own answers through traveling the world. It is returning home with a suitcase full of learning and stories.