Wooden furniture with glass

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Are you looking for the best decoration for your home? Surely you have already come across incredible materials, but you do not decide on any. At Martinica Collection we are specialists in the manufacture of wooden furniture with an oriental style, but today we would like to tell you about a trend that, far from […]

The aesthetics of unvarnished wooden furniture

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How do you like wooden furniture? Undoubtedly, today there is a wide variety of furniture for home decoration and other spaces. But, have you already considered the possibility of including unvarnished furniture in them? At Martinica Collection, in particular, we think it is an excellent idea to be able to bring naturalness to the places […]

Best combinations of cushions and wood

cojines y madera

We already have the house, the paint, the decoration style and our perfect wooden furniture. But, how do we do it if we don’t know how to combine it with the comfortable cushions that attract us in stores? At Martinica Collection today we will give you four little tips so that everything turns out perfect […]

Custom wooden furniture

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Do you live in a small apartment or do you not have much space at home already? Probably, you are already tired of looking for furniture that adapts to your space and you have thought about the solution of buying some made to measure. Wood, for this, is an excellent ally, since you can choose […]

Wood vs. melamine


How many times have you come across wooden furniture that… later turns out to be not made of wood? Many tend to differentiate it on the price, weight or even the color of the furniture they are about to buy. However, the furniture that simulates wood very well, in general, is made of melamine, a […]

Natural wood: the best in the world

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What is the best wood in the world? There are several parameters to measure it, so several could be winners. When we refer to natural wood, we speak of that which comes directly from the trees and is not processed, or very little, in order to obtain the best benefits from them and the most […]

Why choose wooden furniture

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Wooden furniture, since time immemorial, is an unquestionable part of home furnishings. Although many materials have tried to replace it, it is difficult to compete against the quality of wood. And you? Why have you decided to choose this furniture? Today, at Martinica Collection, we will talk to you about this transcendental and lasting decision. […]

Make simple wooden furniture

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Wood and DIY enthusiasts will love this entryway. In view of the fact that wooden furniture is becoming more and more common in home decoration, we would like to give you the main tips to make your own wooden furniture. Buying new material or reusing other furniture, you will achieve your goal of captivating everyone […]

How to clean wooden furniture

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Wood is a very precious and beautiful material to have at home. Its presentation in the form of doors, seats, sideboards, bookcases or decorative objects makes us very elegant and attractive. That yes, its cleaning seems eternal and very frequent, but today, in Martinica Collection, we show you some tricks to clean your wooden furniture […]

Interior decoration in old houses

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The beautiful house you discovered on a visit to the outskirts of the city, the walls of your grandmother’s house or the most interesting museum you’ve ever visited… they all lead to the same question. How do you manage to maintain old houses with such attractive and timeless decoration? Today, at Martinica Collection, we want […]