How many times have you come across wooden furniture that… later turns out to be not made of wood? Many tend to differentiate it on the price, weight or even the color of the furniture they are about to buy. However, the furniture that simulates wood very well, in general, is made of melamine, a material that has achieved a certain popularity for its similarity, but also for its quality. Join us and meet her.

What is melamine?

Melamine is a material formed by the remains of chips and sawdust particles, as a product of cutting, sanding or general woodworking. This substance is mixed with a resin that adheres to a board and is coated and impregnated on both sides. The quality depends both on the type of resin used and the resistance of the original board and the pressure that is exerted on it so that they are completely pressed.

In this way, melamine furniture is a fully sealed surface, free of pores, hard and resistant. Thus, they can be exposed to humidity, heat, cleaning fluids and the unimaginable. We just have to pay attention to the care required by this type of synthetic wood. After all, melamine is a resin that covers the boards to make them more resistant and attractive.

Where do we find melamine furniture?

It is normal to find it in many designs and areas of the house. For example, in the kitchen – dining room, the tables, the kitchen islands and even the countertops have been made with melamine plates. In the bathroom, it is also used on small shelves and sideboards. Offices also make use of it in bureaus, bookcases or organizing furniture. Meanwhile, many parents recommend it on the Internet for their little ones’ rooms, where they put toys, books, school supplies or simply make their beds and drawers with this material.


What are the best designs?

Melamine has managed to specialize in such a way that every day it is more difficult to differentiate it from its counterpart, natural wood. It is found in various designs, textures and colors. It is necessary that your furniture finds the balance between quality, attractiveness and utility. It has even been possible, with digital printing, to achieve the best and most faithful natural wood designs, but with melamine. Among the textures are: rough, smooth, matte, gloss or with motifs and with colors, the most similar. wood possible.

Advantages of melamine

  • Being hermetically sealed, microorganisms or parasites do not proliferate inside, so it is very difficult for them to spoil.
  • It can be cleaned with abrasive liquids without fear of breaking or cracking.
  • It resists high temperatures and constant changes in weather conditions without expanding or deforming.
  • It does not require additional finishes such as sandpaper or varnish and is very attractive in any space.
  • It offers a wide range of finishes and colors for each room in the house, its decoration and the colors used.
  • It is so strong that it can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed, screwed or planed and it does not break or mar easily.
  • You can buy the melamine boards or the furniture directly manufactured, but you can launch into new forms yourself with excellent materials and with very little tools or knowledge.
  • Its cost is lower than that of natural wood, since it does not have to be sanded or polished.
  • It resists accidental knocks, scratches or scratches, but at the same time the furniture is very light to transport around the house.
  • It does not absorb odors or colors and has a very uniform surface.


Melamine furniture will withstand humidity, as long as it is not excessive, for example, it will be fine in personal bathrooms, but not in saunas for daily use. It is very easy to clean and supports the use of liquids and polishes. Its use is not recommended outdoors and in areas of extreme humidity. Avoid exposing melamine furniture to spaces where people pass by frequently and can irreparably damage its corners.

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The use of melamine in home furniture is an excellent option given the high cost of wood. These furniture are more affordable and contain the quality – price. Simple or highly complex furniture in its manufacture, benefit from the ductility and simplicity of melamine, while it is a strong and durable material. Do you dare to go for yours? Also get to know the Martinica Collection furniture in the “Our products” section.

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