What is the best wood in the world? There are several parameters to measure it, so several could be winners. When we refer to natural wood, we speak of that which comes directly from the trees and is not processed, or very little, in order to obtain the best benefits from them and the most precious furniture.

Fine or noble woods, as they are also known, are of superior quality. They are not only used in furniture, but also in doors, walls and wooden floors. This material, without a doubt, is very stable and resistant. As if that were not enough, it has beautiful colors, whether they are even or veined, but they carry naturalness in their essence. Natural wood is beautiful and exceptional, but let’s discover together the characteristics that the best woods in the world have.

Characteristics of the best woods in the world

  • This type of wood requires long periods of growth, until they reach the optimum grade to be felled and grow back little by little. Many of these species, for the same reason, are in danger of extinction and need to be rescued to maintain our precious natural wood furniture
  • As they are precious woods, their price is higher. Even today, much of what is lost in precious wood is due to indiscriminate felling to sell this product on the black market, despite the valuable result that could be obtained with other uses.
  • Natural wood comes from trees, without being processed or with very little modification to its properties. Actually, wood is taken and furniture is made from it, depending on its resins, malleability and ductility, but very useful in all types of furniture.
  • Each type of wood has its special characteristics, but the strongest and most durable natural woods have elements that distinguish them and make them unique.
  • As if that were not enough, natural wood is among the best in the world for resistance to pests and bugs, because they are denser and have resins that give them these characteristics. The furniture that is made with them, without fear of saying so, can last for centuries.
  • To calculate the hardness of wood, there is a method called the Janka test, which consists of making an object penetrate it, measuring the time and speed it takes for the wood to break. This will also influence its price.
  • When deciding which are the best woods, their color, attractiveness of the fibers, rarity and delicacy to work with are also taken into account. Each element makes our natural wood furniture unique.
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The best types of natural wood

Now yes, we have reached what you were wanting to know. When you are going to decide on a wooden piece of furniture to decorate your home, try to rationalize your budget to make room for the best woods in the world. Although there are several woods that are considered the best in the world, we have made a special selection for you.

Walnut wood: It is a type of wood that is perfect for luxury wooden floors and furniture. Its tone is very similar to a brown or chocolate color and sometimes has some very attractive darker spots. Turned furniture is also easily made with this wood, as it is less dense than others that we will talk about later. Its finish is also perfect and of high quality.

Mahogany: It is a very resistant wood, but at the same time easy to work with. It is beautiful and of quality, with a color that goes between reddish and brown, like that of our Caja Alaya. It is used in luxury furniture, useful furniture such as cabinets and wood paneling, being one of the favorites of the public and one of the most durable.

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Oak wood: It is resistant and durable, but also one of the most economical. Its color varies between light brown and very dark brown. It is so versatile that it can be used in almost any setting and is very popular on floors, parquet, furniture and cabinets. It is quite compact, strong and resistant, to also integrate doors, window structures, beams and even boats.

Cedar: It is similar to mahogany, but thicker and lighter at the same time. It has been widely used in reddish wood furniture, to give a greater decorative contribution, cover furniture and make wood coatings.

Olive: It is a very attractive type of wood and is used in decorative furniture and works of art. Its color varies between yellow, reddish and brown tones and its veins can create colorful drawings. It’s just a little harder to work with than other woods, so it’s used for kitchen utensils and simple cutting boards.

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Elm wood: It has been highly revered among the public for its light brown color and resistance to moisture. It is perfect for carving and making the most beautiful furniture and wood marquetry. Even the best engravings are made on this natural wood furniture.

Cherry: It is widely used in furniture around the house, as it is a very delicate wood with pinkish-brown tones. Yes, you read correctly, it is of high quality and at the same time has a high decorative value. Chairs, coverings and other objects made of hard and resistant wood are also made with it.

Pine wood: How to leave behind this excellent wood? It has the best value for money in natural wood furniture and is used in carpentry, plywood, formwork and joinery. It has a uniform and easy-to-work texture, with a yellow tint, but that does not make it brittle, on the contrary, it is very resistant and durable.


If you think that we have missed some type of natural wood, tell us in comments. We will be happy to read which are those that you can consider among the best in the world. In our universe of wooden furniture, identity is everything and we always want to know a little more about yours and your passion for home decoration. Find our furniture online and the most beautiful decorations on Instagram, like @martinicacolleciton.

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