Are you looking for the best decoration for your home? Surely you have already come across incredible materials, but you do not decide on any. At Martinica Collection we are specialists in the manufacture of wooden furniture with an oriental style, but today we would like to tell you about a trend that, far from being fragile or insignificant, has won the hearts of many. Join us to discover the wooden furniture with glass.

Why mix these materials?

Wood, without a doubt, is a material of great durability and special appeal. Glass, on the other hand, has always been known for its fragility. However, the wood and glass furniture of the moment does not have this characteristic, on the contrary, it is designed and manufactured in very resistant ways. In the past, the glass was made with low density, but now they use certain components that make it durable, tempered, stronger and, if it breaks, it will break into thicker pieces so as not to harm the user.

Aesthetically perfect furniture will emerge from this mix. Wood and glass furniture turns out to be very sophisticated, but at the same time creative. There is something good about wooden furniture and it is the ability to customize or adapt it to your needs and style and, of course, the glass can also be part of the exclusive design.


What furniture is made of wood and glass?

If aesthetics is what you are looking for, these materials will become essential in your home. For each space, there are different sizes and finishes, making each piece unique. For example, the crystals or glasses of the furniture can be flat or curved, depending on the client’s taste and their tone can be transparent or take on certain opacities, saving a little more cleanliness. Some of the most common furniture are:

  • Center, coffee or dining tables.
  • Showcases or cabinets to store dishes.
  • Desks.
  • Chairs for special events.
  • Doors, partitions, showers, countertops and other household items.

Its advantages

Modern furniture has adopted wood and glass in a single piece of furniture, creating objects with unique features and an unprecedented personality. Although it has been associated for many years with doors and windows, today it makes its way as one more piece of furniture, but elegant, among the pieces of home furniture. As if that were not enough, it combines perfectly with various styles such as contemporary, vintage, industrial or minimalist, as well as providing a unique sensation of depth and spaciousness.

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The best way to clean it

The tempered glass that has been used in recent years alongside these wooden pieces of furniture is easier to clean than its predecessors. Many stay away from the glass, due to the belief that their fingers will be marked, at least by the smallest of the house. However, nowadays it is very easy and fast to clean this furniture. The opacity of the glass or the matte finish will keep any trace of dirt and in extreme cases you can put certain special liquids on it to create a new layer on top of your furniture and avoid cleaning it every so often.


It is time to make a decision as we build our home or redecorate it. Wood and glass are allies that we should not miss on this occasion and join the trend. Undoubtedly, both materials are durable, attractive and unique, so what are you waiting for to have them close to you. At Martinica Collection we only offer you one path, but follow what your heart indicates and remember that identity is everything.

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