We already have the house, the paint, the decoration style and our perfect wooden furniture. But, how do we do it if we don’t know how to combine it with the comfortable cushions that attract us in stores? At Martinica Collection today we will give you four little tips so that everything turns out perfect and your decoration is the envy of everyone. First of all, take into account if your wood is light and dark and then start choosing your color palette and creating!

Don't be afraid to mix

Many are going to criticize you for the combinations you choose at home, however, every day the daring is more common and more attractive. That is why one of our recommendations is that you do not stop mixing when it comes to cushions. The wood of your furniture is a high quality and natural material, so it is worth combining it with modern designs.

It doesn’t matter if orange is mixed with purple or if the print meets stripes, everything will be part of the decoration and unique personality of your home. Of course, you can also mix colors and patterns with solid colors and your space will definitely succeed. Textured cushions are also very fashionable, as well as providing warmth in the coming winter days. We fall in love with the sight and the touch, so make your guests leave in awe.

texturas y colores

Apply the 60/30/10 rule

No, we are not referring to the perfect body. In the decoration, a principle of dividing the main objects of your space is applied to define how much color we will give it. The predominant color in 60% of a room is carried by the walls and ceilings, so neutral tones that are easy to combine and add light to the room are recommended. 30% of the space will be reserved for the floor and furniture, and stronger tones are recommended, but that combine with the main decoration.

At 10% we will grant the contrasting weight of the room. Use all those tones that combine with the wood of the house and the general decoration. Do not be afraid to contribute to the blue, green, red or yellow colors, because they will be the center of attention and, therefore, they must be daring. The elements that make up this percentage are tablecloths, blankets, lamps, decorative objects and, of course, cushions. Another advantage is that, since they constitute only 10%, they can be changed over time without fear of breaking the chromatic triad.


Do you use natural colors

Our favorite material, wood, has an indisputable natural essence. What if you also combine it with colors that give us the freshness of summer and the feeling of being in the middle of the forest? Green and yellow are just some of the colors in cushions that will combine perfectly with your furniture. Make it trend! Earth tones will also be perfect and will give you an incredible feeling of tranquility.

You can also try summer prints or botanical inspiration. Years ago, flamingos, palm trees and cacti abounded among the decorative objects. Use cushions with these styles to decorate your rooms or bring the typical sailor stripes to your space. Either way, the result will be great and everyone will be in awe when they see your super style with natural colors.

cojines naturales

Use white

What’s wrong with white for home decor? It only gets a little dirty, but otherwise it can be an excellent ally. Of course, there are special materials and textures with which to make your white cushions. We also do not deny that it will be very good to combine them with similar tones and, if 90% of the room already has neutral or dark colors, it will be very good to enhance its color with this tone.

White is always synonymous with purity and luminosity, which is why white cushions also have a fresh touch in them. Combining them with some light tones like beige or stripes or even adding some texture will make them perfect. White cushions never go out of style and combine with any style of decoration: classic, oriental, Nordic, vintage, modern or minimalist. Test it!


Which of the tips that we show you did you like the most or had you already put it into practice before? At Martinica Collection we help you follow your dreams and improve the way you fulfill them. We love hearing about you and your creations, so we look forward to your photos and opinions on our Instagram profile @martinicacollection.

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