How do you like wooden furniture? Undoubtedly, today there is a wide variety of furniture for home decoration and other spaces. But, have you already considered the possibility of including unvarnished furniture in them? At Martinica Collection, in particular, we think it is an excellent idea to be able to bring naturalness to the places where we spend the most time, so we will talk to you about the advantages of unvarnished furniture.

What is unvarnished wooden furniture?

There are several classifications for the finish of wooden furniture. Many are waxed, oiled, or varnished, which is the oldest and most popular option. The furniture we are referring to is neither varnished nor treated, since its completion itself consists of the naturalness of the process. The wood is taken from its natural environment, cut, assembled and sanded to form the furniture of your choice, only in this case it does not obtain any protection or artificial color.


Three of the five senses

When it comes to wood, it’s okay to admit that we put almost our five senses around it and we want to enjoy everything it offers us. This natural and unvarnished material can show us the warmest of its kind and make our spaces more welcoming. Can you imagine how wood is represented in each of the five senses?

The touch: The texture of wood is unique and when not polished, it leaves some very pleasant imperfections when caressing a seat, table or decorative object. Let your fingers run through every inch of wood and melt as if they themselves cut the wood.

The smell: That smell of earth, air and, of course, wood, is unmistakable. By leaving the wood unvarnished, the pores remain open and perspire, providing a more powerful and pleasant smell to the room where you place your furniture.

The view: What doubts remain that wood is the most diverse and attractive material that we could have at home? In unvarnished furniture, it allows the combination with different styles and gives the room a greater sense of space, cleanliness and clarity. Its natural veins are also very attractive.

A sustainable option

We already know that wooden furniture is a choice in favor of nature, although we must control the indiscriminate felling of trees. Furniture purely made of wood and, moreover, natural, are less toxic and tend to be filled less with insects or wood pests. Unvarnished furniture is a durable and reusable material, so you can give it a new function after a certain time.

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Connect with yourself and with nature. That your furniture and your rooms are free of humidity and conserve heat for you, thanks to the thermal properties of the material. Unvarnished wooden furniture accompanies you in this task and Martinica Collection does too. Finally, we would like to tell you about our furniture available online, coming from the oriental culture, carved by hand and in perfect combination with any style.

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