Wood and DIY enthusiasts will love this entryway. In view of the fact that wooden furniture is becoming more and more common in home decoration, we would like to give you the main tips to make your own wooden furniture. Buying new material or reusing other furniture, you will achieve your goal of captivating everyone and having different and unique furniture at home. At Martinica Collection we love that you bring your identity to your space and that you live the full experience. Know it all.

What are the best woods to make your own furniture?

To make wooden furniture at home, you need to find a ductile and malleable wood, but above all useful. You want your furniture to be easy to cut and carve, yet resistant to moisture and scratches. The heat should not be an impediment to your furniture either, so you will give it a final finish with varnish or lacquer to make it more durable. We are talking about three important groups of wood:

  • Synthetic or melamine veneer.
  • Natural veneer such as beech, ash, oak or walnut.
  • Solid wood like pine.

How is it done?

Like all small recipes or instructions, making wooden furniture is a matter of following some instructions in detail. The main thing is to keep in mind the style and type of wooden furniture that we want to make. Choose the wood that best suits what you are looking for and your decoration. On the Internet you will find many sketches and plans with which you will mark your wood before cutting it. Plane the wood clean and re-mark to see if you need to cut more precisely. Assemble all the pieces and give them the final touch with varnish, lacquer or wax.

hacer muebles de madera-2

What are the essential tools?

Some tools will not be missing among your allies to make simple wooden furniture. Always remember that some wooden slats are longer than others and you need to find the exact place where you are going to assemble them. Do not forget the hammer, the drill, the saw or hacksaw, the nails and nails, the sandpaper, the screws and the varnish to make your own wooden furniture.

What furniture can we make?

Wood has given life to infinite furniture and accessories. Now, if what you want is to meet your needs and, at the same time, have a simple piece of furniture made by you, we bring you some recommendations. Try to make bookcases, living room furniture, well-polished shelves, kitchen furniture, stools, beds and wooden boxes of various sizes. These are the simplest applications. On the contrary, start making cribs, cabinets, planters for an urban garden, key holders and even a dollhouse for the little ones at home.

Our vibe for recycling

Current trends lead us to have more ecological furniture at home every day. It is very likely that you have seen furniture made with pallets on the Internet and this is actually an excellent option to give this material a new life. They are useful and look great indoors, as a desktop decoration and outdoors they can even integrate relaxation loungers. Mix your furniture with light bulbs, cushions and other colored accessories so that everything is in the best possible way.

pallets de madera


Making furniture with our own hands and with wood can be very relaxing and fun. More than standardized furniture, you will get unique pieces that are easy to make. Minimize your expenses in purchase and transportation and use the minimum tools to have the furniture as you want it. As if that were not enough, this can take you a little less than a weekend and if you definitely want to opt for ready-made furniture, go to Martinica Collection.

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