Wood is a very precious and beautiful material to have at home. Its presentation in the form of doors, seats, sideboards, bookcases or decorative objects makes us very elegant and attractive. That yes, its cleaning seems eternal and very frequent, but today, in Martinica Collection, we show you some tricks to clean your wooden furniture and make it shiny and shiny.

What utensils to use?

When it comes to cleaning wood, we will have some tools that will serve us above others. For example, some furniture has been left natural and, therefore, the cloths that we are using can get entangled in them and leave lint or threads on our furniture. However, it is recommended to use 100% cotton or microfiber cloths, which do not adhere easily to wood and absorb a lot of dust, moisture and even grease.

Also depending on the type of wood and its finish, the cleaning utensils and the substances used change. The wood can be natural, lacquered, varnished or waxed. Natural furniture is a little rougher, but just as attractive, while furniture with a gloss finish becomes finer where it is used.


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With what to clean wooden furniture?

For cleaning, various substances and chemical products can be used, however, today we want to talk to you about the most natural ones and that will also provide an excellent shine and even smell to your wooden furniture. It seems that the liquid par excellence is vinegar, mixed in equal parts with water, but oils and isopropyl alcohol are also useful.

Linseed oil and alcohol: This mixture is very useful for varnished furniture and is done with them in the same proportions. Apply it and let it act for 10 minutes and then remove the remains with another damp cloth.

Olive oil and vinegar: Similarly, this mixture is made in equal parts and applied with circular movements. In this case, you should let it act for 30 minutes.

Lemon juice: In case you need to clean your furniture in depth, lemon juice in large doses will help you remove all kinds of dirt, especially the grease that adheres to them.

Hot soapy water: If you have a little more free time, remove the dust with a cloth of warm soapy water every three days. You will not only get cleanliness, but also an unbeatable smell at home.

Almond oil and water: With this mixture, recover the shine and vigor of the wood, while removing dirt from your furniture.


The definitive way to clean your wooden furniture, we bring it with us.

  1. Choose a cloth and moisten it with the mixture you have decided on, depending on the characteristics of your wooden furniture and the level of dust, humidity or grease it has.
  2. Let it act between 10 and 30 minutes, taking care that the wood does not absorb too much liquid.
  3. If you don’t want the smell to be impregnated, pass another cloth moistened only with water and then pass a dry one. It is very important that it does not leave fluff or raise some splinters from the wood.
  4. Let him get some more out in the open air.
  5. If you want it to be a little brighter, you can pass a final cloth with wax or glycerin.


Both light and dark furniture shows the presence of dust in just a few days of cleaning. For this reason, we wanted to bring you some little tricks with which we know you will not struggle and you will have clean and shiny furniture for a little longer. Perform superficial or deep cleaning, but show off the best wooden furniture among your friends and family.

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