The beautiful house you discovered on a visit to the outskirts of the city, the walls of your grandmother’s house or the most interesting museum you’ve ever visited… they all lead to the same question. How do you manage to maintain old houses with such attractive and timeless decoration? Today, at Martinica Collection, we want to give you some tips to follow in interior decoration, this time to renew the essence of home.

What is the magic of old houses?

Nowadays, many go out of their way for modern, simple and minimalist decoration. However, some people still feel the longing for the past times and only consider (re)decorating old spaces according to their needs and expectations. The most important thing is to respect the main characteristics of the house, especially the elements of its architecture and essence itself.

The decoration and redecoration of old houses is not an easy task, so we recommend that you leave it in the hands of a professional architect, designer or interior decorator. The result can be sensational, respecting and elevating the style and elegance of your “four walls”. Elegance and luxury cannot be missing in your space, so we will give you some tips to achieve it.

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A modern style inserted in the traditional

Yes, it is possible that the desire to redecorate old houses is mixed with some guidelines of modernity. In this case, colors, styles and furniture with contemporary characteristics can be added, without affecting the interior design. Of course, we recommend maintaining the architectural details of yesteryear, only restoring them from time to time.

Architectural elements: The elements that decorate the interior are those that, in general, distinguish and make your space unique. It is necessary, therefore, to preserve the architectural jewels and combine them with the new furniture.

Colours: In order to highlight the default decoration and your new furniture, it would be better to use neutral and sober colors for your walls and, in addition, let some lighting into your space to create greater contrasts.

Furniture: As in old houses, colorful but finely finished furniture will stand out. For example, the large shelves, sideboards, tables and chairs will be perfect in this space and if you use natural wood, both in light and dark tones, your home will undoubtedly be unique.

Eye-catching objects: Large decoration elements (such as our wooden labyrinths) are perfect for highlighting large empty spaces in old houses. It is already part of the vintage style to recover vinyl records, turntables, sewing and typewriters and bring them back to our space to give them life and set our soul.

And is it worth restoring them?

Well of course I do. Undoubtedly, wood and other old materials carry with them much more resistance, quality and durability. Therefore, recovering or restoring them will always be an excellent option and thus, we give a new useful life to our furniture. Our recommendation is that you hire a professional beforehand, in order to rule out bedbug, plumbing or electrical problems in your new old home.

Mix modern and classic and create unprecedented environments. Now we’re bringing the clean lines and interesting textures, but we can also give beveled edges and flatter colors a chance. We will not stop recommending natural wood, this material is timeless and so useful that it is repeated in the trends of each year. Old houses, in short, your space, deserve to have the most original and natural, to bring the well-being you need to your life.

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