Wood, although a material of yesteryear, continues to be very valuable on the international market. Every penny is worth its appeal, durability, and comfort, but sometimes color or odor changes in our prized furnishings get out of hand. Today, at Martinique Collection, we want to talk to you about some of the causes of these changes, their prevention and possible remedies.

Why do these changes occur?

There are two essential elements: ventilation and time. Color changes are inherent to the years of use of the furniture. As wood is a natural material, it is in direct contact with elements such as sunlight or air. Of course, each wood reacts differently, but the most common thing is that after a certain time its color varies a little or a lot: light woods towards more yellow tones and exotic ones towards darker ones.

Humidity also influences its smell, since it allows the proliferation of fungi, mold and not very attractive aromas. This can be due to exposure to water, rain outside, or steam in certain areas of the house. Without adequate ventilation, humidity will also be concentrated, even more so when wooden furniture is exposed to extreme temperatures: air conditioning or heating throughout the day.

An extra element that can cause changes in color or odor in the wood are accidental liquid spills. Each one, depending on its properties, can cause irreparable stains or cracks on your furniture. Water, coffee, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol and fat are your main enemies. Luckily, we have prepared for you some tips that will help you prevent these situations.

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Protection against color change

There are two important moments to act before the color changes of the wood. At first, when your furniture arrives at home, you can apply some type of enamel or varnish that gives it a better finish, seals the pores and protects it from the action of time and the sun. For example, plastic polyurethane paint gives a resistant, durable finish without changes in color or odour, while oil-based polyurethane protects furniture from the sun and scratches outdoors. Beeswax or turpentine will also help it resist moisture and add shine to the wood, while protecting it from UV rays. However, varnish and oil tend to vary some shades of your wood.

On the other hand, if your furniture has already changed its color and you want to use it for a few more years, you should give it a coat of white paint. This serves so that the color is impregnated into the wood and the veins disappear. Then you can give a smooth or matte finish or another paint similar to the original color of your wood. But, without a doubt, white is the necessary base to give your furniture a second chance. In any of the cases, clean the furniture well before painting it and sand it to give it a perfect finish.

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Protection against odor change

White paint can also become our ally to prevent odor changes in our wooden furniture. Ventilation is the easiest method, but if you can’t resist the smell for a while (about a month), you can use this method to seal the material, prevent and stop the growth of pests, mold and moisture itself. .

Deteriorated wood is the one that produces unpleasant odours. Before starting the process, recognize the most affected part of your wooden furniture. Then, rub the wood with hot, soapy water, rinse it, and dry it with a clean cloth. Then, mix 1 part of bleach with 5 parts of water and with a cloth apply it on the affected parts. In about 10 hours, you will be able to rinse with clean water, dry and apply your base white paint, which will give your furniture a few more years of life.

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Other tips from Martinique Collection

If you find bleach to be a very invasive cleaning fluid, you can use 6 tablespoons of baking soda instead. If your wooden furniture shows no signs of fungus or pests and only has an odor inside (such as in cabinets, dressers, boxes or baskets), place some grains of rice wrapped in cloth bags to absorb moisture and extend its useful life. .


Lovers of wooden furniture can go crazy at the unexpected changes that appear in our favorite furniture. For this reason, we have prepared this article to help you change the perspective of your wooden furniture and give it a new opportunity when its color and smell try to disturb you. Accompany your life with wooden furniture: identity is everything.

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