One of the most beautiful ways to live life is together with the things we like the most and at Martinica Collection we love wooden furniture. However, sometimes neither the mass-produced furniture nor the exclusive ones on some pages force us to reach for custom-made wooden furniture. Today we show you some of the most important purchase criteria.

Custom furniture

Sometimes, we find the perfect spaces to locate a wooden piece of furniture, but none of those that we see in physical stores adapt to this small space. Therefore, it is necessary to take the exact measurements and let our imagination run wild for a piece of furniture that is worth building from scratch. Interior designers and carpenters usually have tons of ideas about new furniture, it’s just a matter of knowing them and reconciling the ones you prefer.

Finish and decoration

Naturally, custom-made wooden furniture should resemble your décor. To do this, define if you want furniture with light or dark tones and if you prefer lacquered, varnished or with a natural finish. Wood has millions of different ways of being used, carved and decorated, but you should also look for resistance, durability and stability in it once the piece is made.

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Bring your ideas to order

Do not be embarrassed to show some small sketches that you have made at home. This way, fabricators will have a clearer idea of ​​what you are looking for and will be able to better assist you in shaping your unique piece of wood. You have a free space between two columns or an empty corridor… How about placing a shelf, a sideboard, a bench or even a bookcase?

Environmental commitment

Sometimes factories can’t get the furniture you need for your space right, and to top it off, mass production harms the environment. So what solution do we have for you? Well, also custom-made furniture; these can be adapted from other furniture that is no longer in use or recycle their wood to make amazing new pieces. Perhaps your carpenter already has some totally unique ones in stock that they can modernize for you and give them a new function.

Disadvantages of custom furniture

We can openly say that custom-made wooden furniture is unique. Perhaps, for this reason, its cost and preparation time predispose us. It is true that these pieces of wood will have a higher cost in the market, due to their uniqueness. However, they will also demonstrate superior quality because the manufacturer will pay more attention to the choice of wood, the process and every little detail.

Exclusivity has a cost and a time, to be able to adapt to your style, it is first necessary to understand it and then recreate it. Once the task is completed, we have no doubt that wooden furniture will look good in private homes, commercial spaces, offices, companies and even for unique and unrepeatable settings.

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From custom-made wooden furniture we expect a greater durability than that of mass-produced furniture, as expert hands will take care of giving their best so that you have the best furniture. In this way, there will not be a piece of furniture equal to yours, so its aesthetic value will also transcend time. If it is also comfortable, without a doubt this custom-made piece of wood will remain forever in your memory.


Definitely, furnishing with custom-made wooden furniture is a way to make better use of our space and decorate to measure. Of course, do not forget to request previous work from the carpenter or decorator from whom you have commissioned your precious wooden furniture, it is one of the best ways to find a piece of furniture made by you and for you. Measure, idea and find the creator of your majestic pieces of wood.

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