Sometimes, we lovers of home decoration suffer from insomnia. During the long nights awake, a million ideas go through our heads, without knowing that we could hit only one: the decoration of our bedroom. The ancient oriental philosophy, from which the Martinica Collection furniture arises, tells us how to strategically organize our room so that our body possesses internal peace and balance. For this reason, today we have decided to tell you everything, because we want to help you improve your rest.

┬┐What is feng shui?

Feng shui is an Asian philosophy that consists of decorating and organizing rooms in harmony so that everyone who lives in them keeps their energies in balance. For more than a thousand years, it has based its principles on the way of organizing household objects, therefore, the bedroom is not exempt from this divine decoration to promote sleep.

In this case, the lighting that enters our room, the furniture that we choose for it and the organization of one of them, will decisively influence the art of feng shui. Once properly applied, all of this will revert to excellent rest, restful sleep, and clearer thinking when you wake up in the morning. As we like to tell: identity is everything; so make yours in balance.


The sun is a recognized and worshiped symbol in Asia. This is why you must enter our room during daylight hours. Feng shui recommends that the windows in the room be on one side of the bed. Why? Well, because this philosophy is related to the earth and nature, so everything that evokes it in your bedroom will be important for its homeostasis.

Although this is only the room to go to sleep, a warm lighting during the day will favor the warmth of the bedroom at night and therefore, a better rest. Also combine it with objects in light or dark woods and linen or cotton materials that provide a feeling of warmth to the room. This is, without a doubt, the basis of decoration from feng shui.

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Bedroom furniture and organization

To generate an energy balance in the room, the furniture must have a minimalist style and place as few objects as possible in the room. A charged environment represents charged objects, therefore, bring the essentials to your bedroom. Beds, mattresses, cabinets… but pay careful attention to what feng shui says about each of them.

Beds: The resting place is your temple, so take good care of it and make it fulfill its true function. The beds should preferably be made of wood, with its four legs and separated from the floor. The arches or columns must not cover them. In addition, a natural wood headboard can help you get a better rest. If you prefer, you can also place a nice decorative object on your bed to create this effect.


Cabinets and sideboards: It is recommended that these are not excessively high, but that they fulfill their function of organizing your home. On them you can place aromatic candles, dim lamps, vases or other objects of oriental crafts that are aligned with the decoration of your room.


Bedside tables: These pieces of furniture are usually made of solid and well-polished wood. Therefore, they are ideal to place in the bedroom. Place one on each side of the bed so that the energy balance in the room is not lost.

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Mirrors: We love mirrors. However, having our reflection in front of us during the break can influence that we do not fully reach it. It is recommended not to put them in front of the bed or on the sides, but with their backs to it or inside the cabinet doors.


Doors: Doors are essential in our bedroom if we want to keep problems out of it, as a barrier against emotions. Now, these should not be in line with the bed or at least not with your feet or your head. If you have no other choice, block the energies by placing a wooden bench or chest at the back of the bed.

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Extra objects: Look for objects that provide tranquility to your environment, such as photos of a couple or paintings of calm landscapes. Avoid at all costs papers, extra chairs and electronic devices. All that object that seems to be left over, eliminate it. Make few objects add up in a practical way and maintain order to get all the benefits of feng shui.

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The art of feng shui

We seek to achieve disconnection from the world and total tranquility during rest. He professes this philosophy and hopes that the resting place guarantees personal intimacy, rest, high self-esteem, security and serenity. For this, you need to create a creative, prosperous atmosphere that brings out your most exciting and joyful side. Only with the wealth of the soul can you rest peacefully. In addition, you can complement the decoration of your bedroom with spiritual and meditation practices, providing greater balance.

What to do?
  • Feng shui explains that the rooms located to the north favor rest.
  • Use neutral tones in the tapestry and objects in the room.
  • Have furniture in pairs for balance (two nightstands, two lamps).
  • Create harmony between the objects, their placement and the lighting in the room.
  • Place small oriental handicraft objects to attract good energy and eliminate bad vibes in the bedroom.
  • Create points of light where you can relax, read, meditate or achieve intimacy alone or with your partner.
What to avoid?
  • Fitness equipment.
  • Books near the bed.
  • Unnecessary objects or objects that prevent entering and leaving the room easily.
  • Electronic devices whose radiation affects sleep.
  • Placing the bed under the window, as it causes the feeling of lack of protection.
  • Put ceiling fans or lamps over the sleeping area.
  • Decorate with images or elements of water, since you distance the connection with the earth.


Is feng shui another headache? Do we have to add one more worry to our lives? Not at all, feng shui is a philosophy and a lifestyle. Just by knowing it you will begin to make small, almost imperceptible changes in your room, but they will decisively contribute to the flow of energy through it. In the case of the bedroom, we will promote a pure environment free from those tensile agents that seek to affect your rest.

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