Without a doubt, those of us who have come this far are true lovers of wooden furniture. But do we know everything about her? A variety as simple as that of fine woods is present every day at home, without knowing how to recognize it and take advantage of it. For this reason, today we have brought you an entry on this type of wood. Let’s learn together to furnish with enthusiasm.

What is wood?

After so much time in the Martinique Collection, perhaps you have not received the best definition in this regard. Wood is a natural material, flexible, but resistant, coming from the trunk of trees. Therefore, it is a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material. In addition, it has ductile, malleable and very tenacious properties.

To determine the life time of the wood, you can look at the concentric and circular circles that form around it. These will give you an idea of ​​the amount of time that the tree from which the wood comes has, although this will only have forged better conditions and properties for it. So much so that, in our store, we believe that wood is much more: it is a material with history, tradition and spirit in its fibers, capable of being carved by hand, varnished or left natural, but also with the possibility of becoming a new piece, even more useful.

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What is wood used for?

Wood is used in the construction of necessary objects in the home such as chairs, tables, furniture, decorations, beds, shelves, sideboards and much more. Since the beginning of human history, it was also present in the production of firewood to light the fire, the manufacture of work instruments and even means of transportation such as boats and carriages, which are still used today. The beauty of the material helps that it is also used in the most modern and attractive constructions, in walls, floors, platforms and much more.

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So now, what are fine woods?

Woods can be classified according to their fibers: long or short and according to their grain: fine or thick. The fine ones, which concern us in this article, are currently highly demanded in woodworking, as they allow a more delicate finish and better quality. On many occasions they are related to artistic applications, such as sculpture, architecture and music, since decorative objects and musical instruments are made with them.

Examples of fine woods

Among the fine woods, ebony, maple and fir have stood out. However, there are others that have reached their peak in recent times and are widely used for the manufacture of wooden furniture or decorative objects. At Martinica Collection, we even use some of these fine woods for our best creations.

Beech: It has a reddish color and is very resistant, but at the same time easy to work with. Musical instruments and a great variety of furniture are made with it.

Ash: Wood of excellent quality and brown color, very useful in the manufacture of support structures.

Walnut: It is used both to make furniture and floors and walls of dark wood. It is highly resistant to cracking, impact and precious in the finish with fine woods and luxury coating.

Mahogany: With its dark reddish color, it is one of the favorites of cabinetmakers for decorative furniture, interior furniture, doors and musical instruments.

Teak: It is one of the most resistant and appreciated fine woods. With it, soft and natural finishes are obtained, but strong to be used as furniture or in load-bearing structures, even in adverse climates.


Fine woods are very close to us, it’s just that sometimes we don’t know how to tell them apart. In this world of love for furniture and interior decoration, it never hurts to ask and get to know perfectly the wood you have at home. We give you the tools to furnish with enthusiasm and the furniture that perfectly matches your identity.

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