It is already a fact, we are facing a blog and some very curious readers and lovers of wooden furniture. However, we generally talk about decoration, the most useful furniture for each space and those that we have in the Martinica Collection. This time, we bring you a different and attractive article about those floating shelves that we can find at home. Read us and furnish with enthusiasm.

What is floating wood furniture?

Floating wooden furniture is those shelves, drawers or other forms of wood that we see installed on the wall, but without any support that holds them to the ground. It is common to see it at small heights, for example under the television, or high, forming part of the decoration and organization of the home.

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What types of floating furniture exist?

As we have mentioned, there are different types and shapes of floating wooden shelves, with drawer shapes, pyramidal, recessed, very fine, with original shapes, movable or fixed, among others. The most important thing in each case is to take into account the use we want to give it and the room in which you will place it, since there are special shelves for each of them.

Floating features may or may not be visible to the eye. For example, there are some wooden drawers that are installed only with screws and other shelves that are fixed to the wall, with metal, plastic or wooden structures, but which are invisible. In the second case, we will obtain more resistant supports, but they will always give a feeling of spaciousness, organization, stellar decoration and functionality.

Advantages of using floating furniture

Without a doubt, wooden furniture is excellent at home, we have already identified it with sideboards, stools, tables and other decorative objects. This time, the floating shelves show us that a minimalist interior design, but at the same time useful, is possible. On solitary or bare walls, a floating shelf can bring beauty to the space, while decorating objects such as plants, small wooden chests or anything you can imagine are placed on it.

Other advantages are that they are not very expensive and require simple installations. They are functional, versatile and fit perfectly in any space: above the bed, under the TV, near the kitchen furniture, as a wardrobe and much more. They are wooden furniture that brings elegance, modernity and sophistication to your home.

Its disadvantages

Although the installation is simple, it requires minimal technical knowledge to do it. Choosing the right screws or plugs, the perfect material for the support, among other aspects, are just some of the points to consider. This installation will have a decisive influence on the weight that our shelf will support, so it must be carried out with objectivity and concentration.

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What are the star furniture then?

Among the floating wooden furniture, the following stand out:

Floating shelves: Simple wooden boards that can be placed one, two, three or as many as you want, one on top of the other or with daring shapes to place all kinds of objects. (*In interior decoration we prefer the rule of odd objects)

Cube wall shelves: You have surely seen them on several occasions, as small boxes that protrude from the wall and in which plants, books and other decorative objects are placed.

BOAXEL System: It is the construction of an entire figure using wooden shelves, for example, we can have an outdoor closet to place coats, umbrellas, handbags and accessories in a very original way.

Shelves for photos: They are one of the most imperceptible but at the same time attractive. Obviously, the photos are not floating in the air, but the shelf that contains them is very thin and elegant.

Floating furniture: Under the TV or near the kitchen, we like to keep our appliances, entertainment devices or simply the dishes in order. Thanks to floating furniture, we display our belongings with a unique personality.


Floating wooden furniture helps us to have better organized spaces without having to fix them to the ground and interrupt the passage. The living room, the bedroom, the dining room and even the bathroom, will become allies of the floating shelves, cabinets and drawers. With a wide variety of models and types of wood to choose from, we can’t think of a better way to give your home a unique style. Enjoy the wooden furniture of Martinique Collection, a company with a lot of love.

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