Wooden furniture is an essential decorative element at home. Every day there are more people who enjoy this furniture and those who seek to find the perfect ones for their tastes and the current decoration of their home. However, not always the big shopping malls or local stores manage to meet our expectations. That is why today we want to tell you about some tips to keep in mind if you decide to buy wooden furniture online.

Is e-commerce safe?

For several years now, e-commerce has eased the hectic lives of many and helps others grow their sales. However, buying and selling wooden furniture online should be mutually beneficial, trustworthy and safe. Buyers can find themselves in the dilemma of buying expensive furniture that they cannot see and also adding the price of shipping. Here the seller’s job will be to provide you with the best data to achieve your best purchase. For his part, the buyer will collect his materials and measures to avoid the return of the furniture later.

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The safety of buying online

Although online sales continue to grow, there is still a fear of making this type of purchase and more in high-priced furniture. The reality is that this type of furniture is bought for life or at least quality to last several years with our decoration. That is why doubts still remain before the purchase. However, we offer you some tips that can help you decide.

Strength and durability

In some online purchases you can ask the seller to send you a sample of the product, for example, the fabric of a sofa. However, wooden furniture will have other difficulties to test them, such as the hardness, malleability and comfort they offer. If it is not specified in the product description, contact the seller and ask for more details. In case it provides you with the type of wood, check the Internet for its properties, comfort in the types of furniture, resistance to inclement weather and durability.

Reliable sellers

There are dissimilar sales platforms on the Internet. Most have adopted similar models to generate their sales, such as placing products with their description, price and payment methods. In addition, at the end of the explanation you will usually find the comments and ratings of customers who have bought the products before and from the same seller. Take a look at all this before deciding on your wooden furniture.

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Extra information

When reading the description of the wooden furniture you want to buy online, pay attention to all the details. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to place it in the section for it and wait for the seller’s response. For example: is the wooden furniture lacquered? Is it necessary to varnish it when I get home? What weight can the wooden bench support? Does it come assembled or does it need to be assembled? These questions, although they seem obvious, can offer you greater security when buying. In our case, the Martinica Collection furniture will arrive at home assembled and with the unique experience of hand-lacquering.


Before buying your wooden furniture, you must take the appropriate measurements at home. First of all, the space you have is essential. Contrast it with the measurements offered by the images of the furniture online or ask the seller for them. Also, if it is a large piece of furniture, calculate the distance at which it will be from other pieces of your decoration so that the space does not look too crowded. As logical as it may seem, check if the measurements of your furniture are in accordance with your main door, stairs and elevators, so you will not have to pay extra costs to bring it home.

Availability and arrival times

Check the availability of furniture online before you buy it. You do not want to risk ordering a piece of furniture with enthusiasm and having to wait months for it. Some stores will offer you very few day deliveries, but others, especially if they have international shipments, can take months to arrive. Of course, it depends on the seller, shipping costs, and how long you’re willing to wait.

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Colors and shapes

The color, shape and finish of wooden furniture is essential. However, when choosing it through a screen, it can suffer variations in the tones and shapes that we appreciate. Check with people who have bought the same piece of furniture before, the quality, the equality of colors with the photo, their comfort and, if they are second-hand, if they arrived with any detail.

Data protection and payment

Also make sure that the site through which you buy your wooden furniture online has an excellent data privacy policy, since there you enter your personal data, physical delivery address and card numbers with which you pay, your bank and the movements you make. Look for platforms that have more than one payment method and have successful return policies in case the furniture does not meet your expectations.


Buying wooden furniture online is a great alternative for those of us who don’t have enough hours in the day, who don’t have transportation to carry our furniture or who simply like what we see online better. Definitely, the purchase options and ease are much greater, without forgetting that we must take into account some tips to avoid making mistakes during the purchase or spending an incredible amount of money on furniture that we are not going to use. But it’s not impossible! Visit our online store.

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