If you already know or are entering the world of wooden furniture, you may have come across hundreds of models and technical terms on the Internet. Two of the most common today are those related to the finish of the furniture, which is why we have laminated or lacquered wood furniture. Today we will help you discover the differences between one and the other and we will help you decide on the one with the best quality and durability.

What is lacquered wooden furniture?

When the wood is lacquered, a procedure is carried out on the final piece of furniture or the strips with which it will be built to protect its surfaces and give them a smooth finish. To do this, oils or varnishes are not used, but transparent dyes or different shades to make the wood more attractive and durable at the same time.

Formerly, wooden furniture of oriental origin was covered with reddish, orange and bright tints that gave it a better appearance and unique personality. Today, from Martinica Collection, we want to rescue this tradition and bring a little piece of the world to your home. That is why some of our natural wood furniture has this finish. An example of this is the BODHI Bench, the GASSHO table or the ALAYA box.

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How is wood lacquering done?

First of all, you need to know that it is not a simple or short-term process. It is preferable to acquire lacquered wooden furniture than to carry out the procedure at home. Before applying the stain, it is necessary to polish the wood and clean it well, so that there are no imperfections or roughness. Several layers of stain are then applied, which, between 8 and 16 hours, will adhere to each other and dry completely. To finish the process, the wood is sanded and a crystallized finish is left.

Why do we say that it is not a simple process?

To lacquer wooden furniture, brushes or rollers are not used, but a spray technique similar to that used to paint cars is used. This requires significant knowledge of the wood and the type of stain to be applied, as well as holding the sprayer firmly and at the proper distance. As if that were not enough, professionals will work with greater emphasis on certain cracks or imperfections in solid wood. Go to them for a better finish on your furniture. 

What is the difference between lacquered and laminate?

Laminate on wooden furniture is a coating, while lacquer is a finish. When manufacturing the furniture for the home, it is made with materials derived from wood and the tones and patterns similar to wood are acquired through artificial colorations. Yes, your wooden furniture will be very attractive and will embellish your decoration, but it will have much lower quality than natural wood and/or lacquered furniture.

Another aspect is that laminated wood furniture is much cheaper and more resistant to bumps and scratches than lacquered furniture. In addition, the type of material used is more hygienic and easier to clean than natural wood and can be exposed to sunlight without fear of discoloration or warping. However, although it has a good value for money, it will never exceed the useful life of lacquered furniture.

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Can I lacquer my furniture after several years?

Yes, lacquering or lacquering is not exclusive to new furniture. If you need to give them a second chance, restore them or return them to their original color, find a professional to do it for you. Specify what you want, as varnish, oils, and other methods tend to change the color of the wood.

How to care for lacquered wooden furniture?

The quality of the lacquer depends on many factors. However, we can have several tips to take care of them and make them even more durable.

  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight so that it does not lose its color or curl.
  • Use soft cloths and non-aggressive cleaning products when you are cleaning them.
  • Avoid spilling alcohol or acetone on them, as they are very strong corrosive elements.
  • Avoid having it near places where they can receive scratches or bumps.
  • Do not place it in areas with high temperatures or humid places.

What benefits do we get?

Although the lacquer finish can triple the price of our wooden furniture, it will definitely bring many more advantages to our decoration and daily life.

  • They are much more colorful.
  • Its quality and durability is greater than in laminated furniture.
  • It requires little maintenance and at the same time the lacquer is used to restore old furniture.
  • The wood tones are uniform, bright and resistant.
  • It is excellent combined with vintage, oriental or modern decoration.
  • You can customize it with the tones and brightness that you prefer.


If you are looking to bring elegant wooden furniture to your home, lacquered finishes are definitely for you. Find homogeneous, bright and attractive surfaces of any color. At Martinica Collection, we offer you our useful and decorative wooden furniture. Take a look at them online and consult all your doubts on our social networks.

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