Are you more of modern or old styles? Anyway, if you have come this far you are probably a lover of wooden furniture and interior decoration. But, the modern style has nothing to do with the trends of 2021, but with other factors such as color, simplicity and lines in your furniture. Get to know modern wooden furniture with us.

What is modern style?

Actually, this style emerged in the middle of the 20th century, as a balanced compendium of the interior decorations of previous years. It includes minimalist, Nordic and even Japanese trends. What do they all have in common? The desire to achieve warm, orderly, attractive and elegant environments, combining modern wooden furniture and neutral colors.

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What type of wood is used in this furniture?

Modern furniture, not by chance, is made of wood and complements the most beautiful decorations. To manufacture them, pine, oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry or oak wood is used, special to have furniture of great durability, easy cleaning and excellent decoration in the home. As if that were not enough, lacquered wood denotes simple furniture but with pure essences and a natural appearance.

Modern furniture in interiors

The main characteristic of the rooms with current modern furniture is simplicity. It does not become an extremely minimalist interior design, but it focuses on few and small pieces that give the space its own identity and keep it tidy. In general, the furniture has soft and straight lines, with a certain balance in its design, which is very attractive to the eye.

The colors generally remain as the previous wood, although they may be given some shine with wax or varnish. Then try to combine your furniture with subtle colors at home, such as white, pastel or maybe give it a touch of sophistication with cushions, paintings and decorations in bright colors. The important thing is that your designs are modern and, of course, unique.

In what space to place them?

Wood looks great in any room in the house. In addition, it is easy to clean and withstands somewhat extreme conditions such as heat or humidity. In the room, you can place coffee tables, sideboards, wooden mazes. The bathroom is a good place to put boxes and baskets to help you keep everything in order. You can liven up your room with wooden benches and in the kitchen with modern stools.

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Start decorating your home with daring and modern designs. Use geometric figures and lines that make your space even more special and combine it with your upholstery. At Martinica Collection, we have beautiful wooden furniture in an oriental style, but which will undoubtedly be perfect with modern decoration.

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