Did you know that China is one of the five countries that does not celebrate New Years Eve and New Years this week? They carry the festivities for the beginning of the new year to February and carry them out for a whole fortnight. However, it would be nice if we brought some of their traditions to the West. In this way, we would get to travel in this new year and hardly leave home.

In the Eastern tradition, luck is very important. Therefore, they praise and venerate her in order to accompany her inhabitants throughout the year. The preparation and decoration of the home will begin days before, but do not worry, we still have time to leave everything sparkling and attract the best of 2022 for our home.


Cleanliness is essential for Asians. That is why they propose to carry out general cleaning at home a few days before the start of the new year. Thus, they get rid of the bad luck of the current year and attract the best for those who enter. You can also choose to buy new furniture to decorate your home, which brings joy and luck in its essence. Of course, a few days after the start of the year avoid cleaning so as not to reverse your luck; This is what oriental cultures indicate.

limpieza año nuevo
artesanía oriental año nuevo

Oriental craft

Oriental craftsmanship is timeless and perfectly suited to the demands of Western culture. For the end of the year, use the traditional lanterns or red lanterns to ward off bad luck. On the windows of China, paper cutouts with animal shapes are often placed, representing fertility, youth, love or luck. You can give this task to the little ones at home as part of entertainment and their relationship with oriental culture.

Red color

The color red, as for us during Christmas, is the most powerful and allusive to oriental holidays. As part of this New Years celebration, you can place flags and emblems at the entrance that attract life, happiness and good luck. Red can also appear in sayings or couplets on the door, which carry good wishes and declarations for the New Year (always on red paper with black ink on top).

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plantas en año nuevo


Oriental decoration is also characterized by including plants in it, even when they are not very large. For example, bamboo, representative in this culture, represents strength and helps balance feng shui in the home. In another order, the orange and tangerine trees come out during the holidays to attract wealth and good luck in the coming year. That is why it is common to find them in the corners – where the Christmas tree is placed – or as great centerpieces at the New Year’s Eve dinner. The peony is also a flower that attracts wealth and good luck.


Family unity is essential for everyone, regardless of our western or eastern culture. For this reason, the Asian tradition pays special attention to having hearty food, sharing favorite dishes, telling stories and creating plans together that you can carry out for the next year. Small red envelopes with gold lettering can also be given as gifts; with money, wish lists or messages of prosperity.

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There is nothing more representative of the beginning of the new year than the fireworks at 00:00. This year and with great care, buy your own. In the oriental tradition, fireworks are launched from the front door as a symbol of abundance. But, deep down in their beliefs, they want to scare away the evil spirits and the bad luck that may have accompanied them during the previous year.

Wooden forniture

If you already have oriental-style furniture, these will be perfect with the New Year’s decoration. Use them as support for decoration objects, to place gifts or share your New Year’s wishes with the family. Place candles and flowers on these furniture, recreating small altars for the ancestors that protect us on our journey around the world for another year.

muebles de madera año nuevo

The oriental tradition to welcome 2022

Red, gold and luck symbolize happiness and prosperity. In the West we also like to use gold as a symbol of resurgence of our hopes for the new year and celebration for what is to come. If we connect it with our oriental spirit, we will surely obtain better results and a decoration that will leave all our guests speechless. So, we are going to give the oriental tradition a chance this time to welcome the new year.