Natural materials are in fashion: wooden furniture, plants inside the home, bronze structures and handmade ornaments. Oriental crafts always come back and although their designs evoke previous times, perhaps this is what makes them so attractive and popular with all audiences. This time, we want to tell you about its combination with wooden furniture like the ones we have on our page.

The key is that, along with great furniture designs, we place small handmade details so that both integrate and enhance the Asian style. Once you apply it, the results will be amazing. We want to show you that the artisanal is winning over the industrial and in the coming years we will bet on minimalist styles, with sober and lightly loaded environments. Of course, if we put the touch of oriental style, there will be no one to take us out of our little refuge at home.

What is oriental crafts?

Craftsmanship is the art of making objects in the most natural way possible or with simple devices that reproduce traditional techniques. Oriental crafts, meanwhile, create unique elements and styles that represent their philosophy and ways of life. Therefore, it is possible that just by mentioning it, a lot of ideas and decorative objects from these cultures have already come to mind. They are expressive and innovative elements, but that definitely reach the soul due to the precision of the ancient techniques in their designs.

espacios de artesanía oriental


Before deciding which oriental handicraft objects we will combine with our wooden furniture, we need to know what materials they are made of. To your surprise, we are happy to inform you that Asian crafts will be a resounding yes next year, as its components coincide with those that will be in trend for home decoration in 2022.

In small objects, oriental artists are able to impregnate their culture with various materials. Bronze, clay, and porcelain are used in bowls, vases, and cups. Chinese and Japanese artisan ceramics, paper, and silk are also included in some designs. Also, figures carved in wood are very popular and do not affect the decoration at all when combined with other furniture made of this material.

Oriental handicraft objects

Our decoration will arrive to mark our environment and our life. As we like to call it at Martinica Collection: identity is everything. For this reason, we like to combine styles and materials that create cozy environments. In the case of oriental crafts, distinctive symbols of Asian culture such as dragons, Buddhas and various flowers are represented. Here we tell you about some handicraft objects where you can find them and that will be perfect on your furniture.

  • Set of cups
  • Flower vases
  • Bowls
  • Vases
  • Small ornaments
  • Buddhist and Zen figures
  • Lucky symbols
  • Decorated plates
  • Hanging objects such as dream catchers
  • Candleholder
  • Handmade lotus flowers
  • Small lamps

How to combine them with wooden furniture?

Here is the question. Current trends combine eastern and western styles in the same decoration. However, it is possible to combine furniture and objects of the same style and leave elements such as painting and lighting to another. The idea is to combine the classic and the contemporary, creating irresistible mixtures.

Undoubtedly, oriental handicraft ornaments will be perfect on wooden furniture. In our store you can find tables, sideboards, stools and boxes that will produce perfect balances with artisan objects on them. It’s all a matter of letting your imagination fly and bringing your ideas to reality. We assure you that the environment will be more exotic and inspiring in the future.

artesanía oriental en banco de madera


Oriental decoration is synonymous with creative freedom and spirit. Wooden furniture and oriental crafts have to be combined to contribute to the balance of souls and their constant growth. One more week, at Martinica Collection we want to invite you to invest time in your personal taste. Great style begins with comfort, appeal, and elegance.

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