If you are one of those who enjoys spending hours on Instagram and Pinterest saving the designs of your dream home, you are one of us! The problem arises when we want to buy everything and our apartment is very small. If this is your case, we would love to show you the best tips to furnish the home and be the envy of any decoration account.

The secrets of decoration

Every year, the trends vary. However, we agree that fashion is fashion if it suits you. With a little ingenuity and order, we are sure that you will be able to create your special place. The most important thing is that, wherever you live every day, it feels natural, real and cozy. The rest are elements that accompany you in the process, but that, without a doubt, give heat to the home.


The oriental decoration is very simple; images and videos you’ve ever seen confirm it. In reality, the people of Asia have created an age-old balance, both within their homes and in their lifestyles. The spaces are clean and with little furniture, even omitting objects – so western – such as the chairs and tables in the dining room.

Everything is part of the Zen decoration and the elements of Feng Shui that accompany each step. What is not necessary, definitely left over. Take a look around the house and get rid of what is not adding to your personal life or your spiritual enrichment. Small houses appreciate it very much, because you give them a feeling of freedom and space.


Relax and let yourself be carried away by the colors that you like the most. Although fashion indicates one above the other, paint your small space in the colors of your liking. Of course, we recommend white, which allows your rooms to be brighter and, therefore, feel larger than they really are. Pale colors and pastel tones predominate in the oriental decoration. These also generate spaciousness and harmony with the furniture of the same origin. Save the darker colors for some details and simple lines that you want to highlight.

colores en decoración


Los muebles en la decoración oriental llevan todo el peso del hogar, pero deben emplearse con cautela para que generen tranquilidad en nuestro entorno. Por ejemplo, los aparadores como el KI, el CITTA y el I SHIN que tenemos disponibles en nuestra tienda, ayudan a organizar los espacios guardando los objetos extra en su interior. Las cestas y cofres, además de elementos decorativos muy atractivos, también cumplen esta función.

Por otro lado, los bancos y taburetes son especiales como asientos, para colocar otros objetos sobre ellos o para ambas cosas, según la necesidad del momento. Son tan versátiles que pueden llegar solos a nuestro pequeño hogar y darle vida y utilidad al instante. Las mesas de Martinica Collection también son un WIN WIN para la decoración oriental en casas pequeñas, pues no son demasiado altas y pueden utilizarse para colocar adornos o comer en familia sentados en el piso.  


For oriental and especially Japanese culture, small accessories are the ones that have all the prominence. Lucky figures, incense, scented candles, vases, and artificial flowers are just some of the most common decor items. Always remember that less is more and only put what is essential for your personal well-being. Read more about oriental crafts to match wooden furniture on our blog.

However, some slightly larger elements will help you complete your decoration, even if your apartment is somewhat small. The large hanging murals, labyrinths and water fountains help to generate moments of relaxation and inner peace, so necessary in these times. Try that the materials of your accessories and furniture are ecological, to promote contact with nature, even in your small place.


Take advantage of the natural light that enters through the windows of the house. This will brighten each item and enhance the value of your space. For additional lamps, use the ones that hang from the ceiling, as they offer more general lighting than the focused ones. However, you can use paper or desk lamps to create warmer, more subdued environments at home.

iluminación en casas pequeñas


Comfort is paramount in oriental decoration for small houses. To this we must add the pleasant feeling of being in each of the rooms, be it the bathroom, the living room – dining room or the bedroom. Look for new ideas, walk the corridors finding the perfect furniture and accessories for you and the one that, although small, will become your comfort zone.

Place the essential elements, but those that give you spaciousness and harmony. From Martinicia Collection we want to help you generate calm environments and spiritual development. Our furniture of Asian origin helps to connect with this culture and to travel from the comfort of home. Undoubtedly, simplicity is the watchword in decoration. The soul of things only contributes to making ours great.

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