One of the rooms where we like to relax the most is the bathroom. Maybe we don’t spend a lot of time in it, but if you get a zen space, just decorating it with elements of oriental culture, we assure you that you won’t want to go out again. Lighting, furniture made of natural materials and small decorations will make a difference. Join us to discover your next space!

The style

At Martinica Collection we promote the oriental style of our wooden furniture and, as we have seen in other posts on our blog, better and greater combinations with western styles of decoration are achieved every day. The objective, with the oriental culture alone or combined, is to create environments of peace and relaxation for beings, at least in one place in the house.

Under the philosophy that identity is everything, a Zen bathroom could say a lot about our personality. That is why Asian decoration gains more followers and remodeling every day to achieve the perfect style. In this case, simplicity, naturalness and minimalism are promoted, but also the spirituality that these spaces can offer you.

Colors and lighting

Oriental bathrooms are not exactly known for using multiple or striking colors. On the contrary, warm and unique patterns are prevalent inside bathrooms. In addition, they are combined with furniture and accessories in neutral tones. Use colors that are reminiscent of nature such as white, beige, salmon or gray, but that are not too bright. Even the black color has been a trend in the interior of the showers.

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The lighting, on the other hand, can be artificial or natural. In oriental decoration styles, natural light prevails through large windows or skylights. This makes the room one of the brightest during the day, but at night we recommend including simple lamps and decorative candles. The experience, at any time, will be unforgettable. Why not make it routine?

The tranquility

But, how do we achieve the tranquility we are looking for? Each piece in the bathroom will provide us with what we need to immerse ourselves in totally Zen spaces. First of all, let’s try not to overload the environment with decorative objects. Less is more and it should stay that way in this room. Manage to cool off and relax in the optimal space for it.

There are plenty of pieces of furniture and, contrary to trends in previous years, the use of wood in the bathroom is on the rise. Next to or on top of them, other natural elements such as plants, fountains and windows with sufficient lighting are placed. In addition, the small decorations of oriental origin are also added to the room in the form of candles, incense, aromatic soaps and small statuettes of Buddhas or symbols of luck.

Wooden furniture

Some bathrooms currently prefer the use of wood on both floors and walls, leaving the tile aside. Of course, this can lead us to believe that the wood will not resist the humidity of the room or the changes in temperature that occur in it. However, tropical woods such as teak, iroko or wenge are perfect for this space and guarantee durability for several years.

For its part, wooden furniture will give a unique style to your bathroom and will not be useless in it. We offer you an example: the Martinica Collection furniture is not made of tropical wood, but its solid material and dark color guarantee its use in the room, resistant to the hostile humid environment. However, you can also put a layer of varnish or teak oil on them so that your furniture does not suffer when it comes into contact with water.

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The most recommended

Stools: Asian bathrooms tend to be spacious and divide each space. They even have a special area to leave your clothes before and after entering the shower. If your bathroom is not exactly large, you can consider including a DEN SHIN stool to place your clothes on it or to take a break and reflect before continuing your day.

Sideboards: Play with your space so that nothing is too much. The KI or I SHIN sideboards can be useful when it comes to organizing your towels, soaps, extra toilet paper and everything else you need in this room. In addition, your upper part can have small decorative objects that give them a special touch and make them unique.

Benches: Closer to the ground than the stools, the BODHI and KIKAI benches will fulfill the same function, but you can put them near your bathtub or shower and place your towels, shampoo bottles and other hair care products on them. A small plant in a corner can also help you create the perfect natural environment.


If you are looking for a quiet and emotionally safe space in your bathroom, you have come across the right article. We are sure that with these tips you already have a lot of ideas in your head. Of course, you don’t have to remodel everything at once, but you can turn your style upside down and revolutionize the decoration of this room.

We are here to create with you and accompany you on the journey. Take a look at the wooden furniture that we have in stock and see if any of it suits the style of your bathroom. We are sure that it is! Show us your progress by sending us images and videos via Instagram DM (@martinicacollection). Also, you can leave us your email in the comments or at the bottom of the page and we will send you our weekly Newsletter.

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