We all like to make our home nice. Starting the year, you surely have the desire to make the first changes in the physical space so that this also leads to a change in your life. For this reason, many sites are already approaching us with the trends for this 2022 and we, lovers of wooden furniture, do not want to be left behind.

Of course, original wooden furniture can have very high costs, but it is possible to give our touch and personality to the home. The furniture for use can also be comfortable and durable, in addition to giving a different splendor to the room where you place it. That is, we can make our house vintage without investing all our savings in the attempt.

Is it really safe to invest in second-hand furniture?

Of course, yes, it is possible to save a little money on furniture with a little more use. You can find quality tables, stools, sideboards, benches and decorative objects, but with small details to highlight during the purchase. For this reason, we wanted to show you some guidelines to keep in mind before buying second-hand wooden furniture.

Natural life cycle

Each type of wood has a specific life cycle and depending on the conditions in which it has been previously preserved, its state will vary. For example, if the wood is not polished, look at the rings that are formed so that you have a rough idea of ​​the age of the wood, it will be a good indication if you want to place it outdoors. Test its structure; if necessary, sit on them to check that they do not lose their balance.

On the other hand, check that your furniture is not detached, broken, cracked or has grease stains. Second-hand furniture is an excellent investment as long as we know its risks. It is also important to note if the wood has not previously suffered from insects, woodworm, mold or moisture. Recover furniture made of natural woods but with the insight that they will be durable.

Restoration of second-hand furniture

Sometimes you will find what seems to be the perfect furniture for your home, but you are not convinced because they have some little detail. For that we recommend you go with an expert or friend who knows about wooden furniture and its future useful life. Once you’ve determined if the furniture is not seriously damaged and can be repaired, sanded, reupholstered, painted or varnished, just make sure that the restoration is no more expensive than the investment in a new piece of furniture.

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Trusted stores and offers

Thrift stores are no longer frowned upon anywhere in the world. It is just a matter of searching and finding the positive opinions about the sellers before buying the next wooden furniture. If you also want to have a more personalized attention, come to the sales spaces at low crowded hours. In this way, you will be able to take a better look at the prices, the products and the managers will attend to your claims with greater kindness.

Today, there are plenty of trusted flea markets, bazaars and stores close to home or online. On the other hand, many departments, houses, restaurants and stores undergoing renovation give up their wooden furniture or leave it for cheaper prices. Stay tuned for each of these near-home sites. Take advantage when these bargains are presented and you too can have a home remodeled and like new.

Inspiration and information

Before buying and especially if you do not know about wood, we recommend that you inform yourself on the Internet about the different types, how to detect if they are true, how old they are and other elements that are of interest to you. In this way, you arrive informed and ready to make your purchase. In addition, you can compare the prices of different stores to decide which is the most attractive for you and the best for your pocket.

You can also help yourself with social networks and sales sites. Save the pins, stories and objects that are to your liking. Then look in stores for those second-hand objects and everything will be just right. Online stores, sales sites, flea markets, flea markets and antique shops are at your disposal. But watch out! Do not forget to take the measurements of your available space well so that everything is perfect, even when you opt for an impulsive purchase.

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You already have all the necessary elements to go shopping. This time, you will not doubt if the furniture is second hand. You have the tools and the knowledge to spot an excellent piece of furniture and one that can accept a few small tweaks. New or used, your wooden furniture will add a special touch to your home, remember that identity is everything. Share your photos with us, we love your decorations.

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