Oh, these months that come to us full of light, colors and flowers! This time of year is the perfect time to give a 180° turn to the decoration of our home. It is already beginning to show that the winter days are gone and the refreshing, spring and fun is now with us. If you have not yet made changes to your decoration for spring 2022, this post is for you.


After hard cold months, it is common for everyone to take out of the closet those clothes that fill them with joy. The same thing happens with home decoration; we want to go from all neutrals to some much more daring ones. Spring brings with it the natural and alive. That is why, for this season, we will bet on very expressive colors such as yellow (light) and green (the color of hope).

Where do we find these colors? Well, in everything, walls, curtains, pictures, decorations, blankets and even in the furniture. Green and yellow will be merging perfectly with others such as white, pale pink, red, orange or other earth tones. Do not be afraid to add strength, personality and vigor to your space. We return to the trends of the 60s, here there are no limits to the imagination.

Patterns and textures

Closely tied to color, you’ll likely find many accessories opting for dazzling patterns and textures. Spring allows us to play with different contrasts to make our environment more calm and welcoming. The prints with flowers, palms and even flamingos, will be daring but successful designs to combine at home. Jungle and animal motifs and furry textures will also recreate fun scenes.

texturas decoracion

Wooden furniture

For this season, light and fresh woods are in fashion. However, at the same time we look for a contrast with solid woods and that is what we can offer you in the Martinica Collection. On this occasion, the decoration opts for less geometric and more curved furniture, with well-crafted beveled edges. This will make wooden furniture in spring transmit peace, tranquility and subtlety.

ALAYA Box: It is normal that we begin to have many more things at home, coupled with the hustle and bustle that comes with much hotter and more active days. This wooden decoration object will help you stay better organized and give your home a unique oriental appeal.

SHESHIN Chest: Similar to the ALAYA box, this chest in reddish wood and a little smaller, will be by your side to place small accessories, souvenirs and everything you want.

DEN SHIN stool: This unique piece can add elegance to any kitchen, living room or terrace. The stools will not only act as an extra seat, but also as attractive curved designs in wood to give a special touch to the room.

DAI SHINKON Labyrinth: This is one of our star wooden furniture. We guarantee with it that you lose your soul and recover your essence, because they are oriental pieces, carved by hand so that you can reconnect with yourself and, at the same time, transmit the best vibes to the whole house.

Natural and committed to the environment

Natural flowers and plants should not be missing this spring in your home. If you can’t find them nearby or if you have any allergies, decorative paintings with flowers can also become your allies. On the other hand, the commitment to the environment continues, advocating the recovery of wooden pieces and the use of responsible and sustainable materials. Among them, of course, will highlight natural elements.

decoración primavera-2

Other elements

If you still have some textile accessories to locate, combine them with your wooden furniture by placing tablecloths, rugs and others on them that can make them more vibrant and make them the envy of all your guests. Another trend of the season is furniture at its best, so bet on daring designs in wood, like those of our decoration labyrinths.


You already know everything about decorating with wood, textures and colors for this spring. In addition, these trends are not in vain, as they will last until the summer season. Take advantage now and give a twist to the design of your rooms and your life. Who said that (re)decorating is not part of feeding the soul? Furnish with illusion.

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