After so many months in this conversation about wooden furniture, we have noticed that perhaps we have not talked about the base: interior decoration. For many, doubts arise: Is decoration the same as design? What do I have to study to do it? Who can (re)decorate my house in the best way? That is why today we talk to you about decoration and interior design. Basically, you will know everything that a professional takes into account, before creating the house that you enjoy so much.

What is interior decoration?

Interior decoration is the aesthetic treatment given to a place or space. These areas can be part of a house, company, premises or any other dependency. Under a creative guideline, one or several people are in charge of ambience the place, taking into account its size, external light that affects and the tastes of the client.

To all this, a specialist with theoretical knowledge and practical experience and decoration is necessary. The interior designer is in charge of this, who thinks, plans, proposes, redesigns and executes a pleasant and functional setting for the client and his final space. They also work with exterior elements and, inside, they play with the dimensions and volume of all the objects they will place.

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The decoration itself

In this way, interior decoration professionals have to take various elements into account before implementing their designs in the physical space. There are three very important points that we will explain below: the layout, the furniture and the materials. Each of them influences both the decoration and the way customers feel in the future.

Layout: It is the general configuration of the home or local decoration project. The designer or architect makes a printed or digital scheme, in 2D or 3D, where he presents his proposal to the client, according to his previously expressed preferences. There it shows you what will be the final arrangement of equipment, furniture, elements, colors and fabrics, for specific spaces or for all areas of the place.

Furniture: The wooden furniture or other material that you include in your decoration, can be fixed or movable. That yes, surely the designer conceived your space in a way and in another it will be able to affect the mobility and the daily functioning of the home. In some cases it is also possible to design specific furniture based on your personal tastes and customize it as you need. Some can be stools, coffee tables, sideboards and other decorative objects.

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Materials: Each interior is different and therefore they need unique and specific materials that make your environment different from all the others. The fabrics will provide a specific aesthetic to your space, so their composition, styles and colors have a say in shaping the environment.


The decoration furniture that is used, in addition to the basic ones that you need at home, is very few and takes up very little space. Black and white colors predominate or, failing that, pastel or neutral tones. Play around with the lighting in the room to determine which accessories work best for you. Here you should also play with the color of the walls, the type of ceiling or floor and the inclusion of other textile elements such as curtains, tablecloths and rugs.

What are the advantages of interior decoration?

  • Places become more welcoming to stay in.
  • The spaces are personalized in terms of beauty and utility.
  • It has become a decoration more focused on minimalism, order and simplicity.
  • It brings modernity and simplicity to your space.
  • Wood, in case you choose a more rustic decoration, creates excellent natural environments.
  • It is made up of strong, resistant and comfortable objects.
  • It will bring you relaxation, refuge, well-being and comfort.
  • Apart from having functional objects, they give you your own style where you can find stability and intimacy.
  • They reflect your personal environment, life and future projection.


Every year home decoration trends vary, even combining them with other past trends. The best and most important are those that you like, with which you identify and with which you feel comfortable at home. Choose your interior decorator well and try to find the most similar designs to you. At Martinique Collection, we believe that identity is everything. 

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