Undoubtedly, wood is a basic material in every home. Although many others such as bronze or fabric have tried to supplant it, the truth is that it always comes back renewed or with a vintage style. Wood furniture, whether for storage, utility or simply decoration, joins us down the aisles of the physical or virtual store and makes us take it home. Today we tell you a little more about how to decorate with wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture to store objects

In our obsession with accumulating things, we are gradually running out of space and for this, wooden furniture comes to save us. How about giving wooden desks a try? They will not only allow us to store things in them, but also give them endless uses by all the members of the house. Also, the dressers in the room will enhance your splendor, the bookcases or shelves will be filled with light, books, decorations and plants so that there is always order in the home. As if that were not enough, the Martinica Collection has different sizes of sideboards so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

Useful wooden furniture

Many times we come across furniture that seems to be made for us and others in which we directly order it from a professional so that it arrives at home just the right size. Wooden furniture is useful when we need it daily for the home, but at the same time it beautifies it. Examples of this are the tables in the center of the room, the bedside or auxiliary tables, the dining sets or the rustic stools, which give a special touch to each space.

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Wooden furniture in the decoration

Does not all of the above add a unique style to the home? Of course, yes, but there are some that stand out especially for their unprecedented inclusion at home. Wooden frames, with or without photos inside, are a very aesthetic investment and easy to place anywhere, creating a new perspective. Ceiling fans are back in fashion and if they are made of wood even more so, try them with totally white walls and you will see how they stand out.

On the other hand, in the kitchen – dining room, try placing wooden trays as a centerpiece or buy your kitchen utensils in this material. If your house is small, you can also give interior wooden screens a try, dividing two rooms with great style. In the small living room include a small wooden ladder and decorate it with plants and photos or include a coat hanger with tiered hooks in the entryway. Finally, do not forget the head of the bed, the wood will make it more than attractive and will create an excellent environment for you.

Advantages of decorating with wood

The benefits of decorating with wooden furniture are not few, that’s why we tell you some so that you finally decide on this investment. Yes, it is true, they are a little more expensive than modern furniture items, but they are totally worth it for their color, usefulness and life time.

  • They provide a cozy and homely atmosphere
  • Require little cleaning or maintenance
  • They are very strong and sturdy
  • Its tones give light and warmth to the space
  • They are a simple and attractive decoration
  • They have a more traditional sense and more history in each piece
  • Sometimes, the old is more noble and fits better at home
  • They are practical, useful and excellent objects in home decoration
  • Can be mixed with different styles
  • They include a natural essence and an unmistakable timelessness
  • They are perfectly combined with other materials

Selection criteria

If you still have doubts, you can take a tour of various forums and blogs on the Internet. Right here, at Martinica Collection, you can find dissimilar items to decide on one or another wooden piece of furniture. Always keep in mind the color of the wood you are looking for, its type and resistance, and the age and condition of the furniture. Finally, do not forget that not only physical stores offer quality wooden furniture, but also online you can find the perfect objects to complete the decoration of your home.

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One more week, we like to take you on the path of the art of wooden furniture. We write with enthusiasm, so that you can furnish all your rooms in the same way. Remember to tell us if our information has been useful to you, follow our creations on Instagram and take a look at the wooden furniture that we have available online.

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