How many times do we not have parties and events with many people? Suddenly, we have to make a thousand calls and borrow all the furniture to house our guests. Undoubtedly, it is a more than cumbersome task and, due to the diversity of objects, it will not guarantee uniformity or attractiveness in our spaces. At Martinica Collection, today we will talk to you about the furniture that yes or yes you have to have at your parties and events, even if it is your own or rented.

What furniture do I need?

Life takes us to multiple parties and events, such as birthdays, quinceañeras, graduations, weddings, baptisms, communions, baby showers and many other more formal events such as company events, fairs and exhibitions that require wooden furniture. In general, all these spaces are full of people and it is necessary to have enough furniture to welcome them and provide them with elegance, attractiveness and, above all, comfort.

There is a wide variety of wooden furniture, but for parties and events it is essential to have, at least, tables for guests, side tables and chairs. We will talk about other elements later, but they can be made up of bars, dance floors, lecterns and even screens, all made with the best wood. Two important elements to define are the number of people and the space you have, so you will know if the best option is to buy or rent your wooden furniture.

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Where to buy it?

If you have a small family or friends gathering planned, it is not necessary to hire an entire decoration team with wooden furniture. Of course, if you do it frequently, we recommend you invest once and for all in some wooden furniture. Your guests will appreciate it, due to the comfort, freshness and naturalness that they provide to the environment.

Consider if you will acquire a dining or auxiliary table, chairs for all the events that may be presented and even a bar to store your bottles, crockery and serve cocktails. The important thing is that you define both the space you have for its assembly and where you are going to store your wooden furniture once it becomes obsolete.


Who rents wooden furniture for parties and events?

On the other hand, if you are thinking of larger parties and events, we recommend hiring a company specialized in this type of decoration and that, in addition, will give the furniture a special touch, according to your interests. Next, we will give you a breakdown of the main wooden objects and what type of events to hire them for.

Chairs: There is no happy space if you have nowhere to sit, but you can try some girls, high as stools or special ones for children in all events.

High tables: Low tables are part of the most common furniture, however, a wedding, quinceañera or company event will acquire a special touch with high wooden tables. They exist in different shapes and sizes.

Lounge rooms: We can call the coffee tables that way, which are useful to place gifts, put some snacks or even for smokers.

Children’s furniture: Whether the party is for children or not, it is common to place one where the smallest of the house have their meals and share among themselves the joy of the moment.

Stairs, partitions, etc: To decorate, it is common to find various types of wooden objects. Balloons, flowers can be tied to them or left for gifts, courtesy souvenirs, the candy table or others at weddings, fifteens, birthdays, etc.

Musical instruments: Musical instruments can perfectly accompany your wooden decoration in special events such as weddings and quincerañeras and draw everyone’s attention for being such a unique material.

Platforms or dance floors: If you plan to hire a musical group or end the night with the best dances, consider including these wooden furniture, they are very comfortable, without imperfections and ideal to give a touch of luxury to the event.

Why is it important to go to specialists?

Many businesses have already established themselves in the decoration of parties and events. They have everything to make your decoration unique and unforgettable for you and your guests. You will only have to provide them with the number of the number of attendees and they will take care of everything, also leaving more freedom for you in this regard. In addition, they will choose the right furniture adapted to your style and will ensure that your guests are comfortable, welcomed, and surrounded by an unprecedented atmosphere.

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The decision for my parties and events

So, is it better to buy or rent wooden furniture for parties and events? The decision is in your hands. Establish the objectives and decide if you will be in charge or contract the logistics of the event. The important thing is to create harmony and an excellent environment for everyone and we are sure that wood can be your best ally. Take your essence to everyone, furnish with enthusiasm.

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