This week we will be talking about wooden kit furniture. Since we are going to make our investment, is it better to buy several or a single piece? If you are shopping for basic wooden furniture for the first time or if you are looking for something more sophisticated, this guide is for you. We will teach you what you must take into account so that your investment bears fruit and is lasting and attractive.


The wooden furniture in kit usually comes disassembled so that you also take time to assemble it. This type of furniture is useful to achieve harmony of both spirit and colors in the home. In at least one room, you can combine cabinets with benches and sideboards – in the bedroom- or shelves, tables and stools – in the living room – dining room-.

If you enjoy DIY activities, wooden furniture kits are perfect. Of course, they require a set of basic tools and some specialized ones for installation. Although the piece of furniture should come with its own screws, nuts, and boards, you should make sure all parts of the assembly are complete before you begin.

Review the step-by-step instructions. If necessary, watch a video on YouTube first, but it is possible: Do It Yourself. With this variant, it is also possible for you to create your own combinations and designs of the furniture. For example, a shelf will have several ways to be put together and fit into the space you have available at home.

Wooden furniture

Wooden tables: The wooden tables in the dining room are accompanied by chairs made of this same material. But this investment is usually made for the long term. So you should keep an eye on some shades that you like a lot and make sure they match each other and with the rest of the room decoration.

Office chairs: If you are one of those who enjoy working from home, it is much better that you have a comfortable chair and desk to do your work. Buying these furniture together ensures a pleasant and orderly work space.

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Cabinets and sideboards: This furniture is very useful. In simple but modern woods, cabinets and sideboards are expressed as the ideal place to store many objects that you have scattered around the house. They are spacious and combine perfectly with any type of decoration.

Stools and benches: Somehow, we will have to have access to those leisure spaces at home. Therefore, we will also need a place to sit. Wooden stools and benches are ideal. You can discover countless designs and wooden kits to have around the house.

Advantages of wooden furniture kits

  • Buying wooden furniture in kits are cheaper than individual furniture or antique furniture.
  • With the furniture kits you can generate modern combinations in your rooms.
  • You can look for furniture adapted to your tastes and needs, with a variety of colors and types of wood.
  • Although it may not seem like it, they can be very comfortable furniture, you just have to spend some time doing an in-depth search.
  • In addition to the beauty they propose, wooden kits usually have several compartments to place all kinds of objects in them.
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Second hand furniture

If you finally decide to buy your furniture separately, a good option is to buy it second-hand. Of course, as we discussed in a previous post, you must take into account the state of the wood before purchasing them. If you also want to make it look like they match, try taking photos or taking samples of the color of your furniture to the next store.

However, antique wooden furniture is a good option. Wood tends to be solid and well cared for. If you choose it properly, you will have quality furniture for several more years and as if that were not enough, these pieces can be revalued over the years. Bet on exclusive furniture, but matching your decoration.


Have you already made up your mind? We believe that with these first ideas you can have a more defined picture of what you want to achieve with your furniture at home. The option of a kit is much more economical and reliable, if what you want is an even environment but delicate at the same time. Always keep your comfort in mind, it is the most important thing, but be encouraged to invest in yourself.

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