Who doesn’t want to enjoy a long spa day? This experience becomes incomparable and unrepeatable, only if you return accompanied by more friends. However, didn’t the number of wooden objects that we can find in them catch your attention? Even exposed to high humidity and high temperatures on a daily basis, they do not seem to deteriorate. But, how do we achieve the best wooden furniture in a spa? Stay to discover it with us.

Wood as an essential material

Natural wood is a precious material to use not only at home, but also in stores, restaurants, businesses, bars, recreation centers and of course in a spa. We approach this one because it brings freshness, elegance and luxury to our spaces. As if that were not enough, they guarantee comfort and exceptional durability. In these health and relaxation centers it is widely used, but it is necessary to choose the perfect varieties and know how to take care of them properly.

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Characteristics of wood in spa

First, to create custom spa furniture, wood undergoes thermal modification making it more durable than its counterparts. The main problem is that these will be exposed to a large amount of water, humidity and heat during all the days that the premises are open. Many people find relaxation in this space, but we must make it stable, comfortable and efficient.

In this process, the core of the wood becomes stronger and more durable. The retrofit uses heat and steam so that once the furniture is put into service, its useful life is extended. Wooden furniture is impeccable in the spa and is used in many alternatives for decoration and furniture. Obviously, the wood is treated with chemicals, but this does not affect it, but rather strengthens it.

Interior wood

We can use wood indoors or outdoors of a spa, but we can recommend it mostly for the interior. Aesthetic and beauty salons can also adopt wooden furniture in various styles and shapes. For this reason, we want to tell you about the exclusive and original designs that bring satisfaction to all your customers, with the best quality and service.

Step bench: It serves to offer a better service to customers and support for their movements.

Bench to meditate: Wood generates a special connection with nature and allows greater concentration and balance.

Sauna benches: These spa benches allow you to do all the activities you want, meditate, lie down, relax or chat comfortably with friends.

Wooden shelf: Both the shelves and the sideboards serve as support to place decorative elements, oils, towels and other elements of the spa.

Auxiliary table: Workers and clients have small tables that provide them with support, even with one, two or three levels and space.

Massage bed: The base of massage beds is usually made of wood for better support, strength, durability and attractiveness.

Jacuzzi with coating: The exterior can be made of wood, as thermal and electrical insulation. Enjoy a relaxing bath without worries.

Special objects: For massages, many instruments are made of wood, due to the resistance they offer and the ability to withstand oils without deteriorating.


If you are thinking of investing in a spa, wood definitely cannot be left behind among your furniture. Ask for prices and the best types of wood to make it as personalized and durable as possible. Take into account the manufacturing times and shipments, in case they come from another country. On the contrary, if you just want to visit, you already know and can tell everyone about the magic of these precious and resistant woods.

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