When we conceive our dream homes, we spend a long time carefully choosing each of the furniture that we will have in it. Whether for the architect, designer, sales agent or client, the geographical distribution of the furniture and its design are really important. But what happens when we want to materialize our dreams in other spaces?

Some of us may be thinking about taking the furniture a little further. Restaurants and shops are spaces that, although they do not have wooden furniture as their main reason for sales, must be taken into account during the conception of the premises. That is why today we wanted to bring you a different entry: one that makes you reflect on how to redesign your spaces or that, as a client, makes you appreciate a little more investment in wooden furniture.

Wood in restaurants

When thinking of a restaurant, the delicious dishes and the tables and chairs where you were seated may come to mind. However, not everyone pays attention to the decoration of this type of place. Wood, as we have been able to decipher in previous entries, can adapt to all spaces and not because it is oriental wood, it will be worse in western environments. On the contrary, the challenge is daring to change everything!

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, wooden furniture can be useful in the main area of ​​your restaurant, in bars, cafes, terraces and fast food areas. The moment to furnish is decisive. You must take into account your identity and what you want to deliver to your customers. The elegance of the restaurants is essential, in addition to the quality of the furniture and the durability that it confers on you. It is useless to have the best space, if from now on we will not be able to maintain it.

madera en restaurantes

So, it is possible to use wooden furniture to use in restaurants. You must combine the styles and colors of the furniture with the design of your premises and take into account that they will be exposed to accidental spills of food or inclement weather, if it is placed outdoors. Give your clients privacy and comfort, they will appreciate it during their stay and you will surely guarantee a next visit.

If you still do not know what furniture you should use in each space, here we leave you a selection with the best and some that you can find in the Martinica Collection store.

Chairs and tables: Of course, chairs and tables are essential. Decántate by this furniture in wood before in metal, plastic or other materials, because in general both types of furniture are manufactured with hardness and for their durability. You can use smaller tables as part of the décor or in the waiting room.

Wooden benches: In the waiting rooms it is also convenient to have some furniture for the comfort of the visitors. The benches can be part of your furniture in restaurants and be quite useful before moving on to the main rooms.

Gueridones: You may not all be familiar, but gueridones are the wooden furniture with wheels underneath that are used to transport plates, silverware, glasses and tablecloths throughout the restaurant. If you buy it in wood, it will have greater stability and will give security to the person in charge of transporting it. For the client, this translates into elegance and concern for their well-being.

Sideboards: Sideboards like the KI follow on this list, as they are closely related to the previous section. At the end of the day or during the day, it is necessary to achieve a harmonious organization and balance between all the elements of the premises. Therefore, this is a piece of furniture of excellence to store everything the service needs, have more space and help streamline processes in the restaurant.

Stools: If you have a bar area in the restaurant or you have high tables in your premises, it will be very comfortable to have wooden stools. In this way, customers can enjoy a more comfortable and attractive option when it comes to sharing in your restaurant.

Wooden furniture in shops

To choose the wooden furniture to use in stores, you must also take into account some basic principles. The first of these is durability. When we start a small business or invest in a small headquarters of a larger company, we must evaluate the costs and benefits that we will have and how customers will receive them. Therefore, we must invest in quality furniture before furnishing our store.

If we show a disastrous store, this is the impression that customers who pass in front of it will take of us. On the other hand, if we decide to show elegance and organization, we are likely to project an image as a serious place, concerned and occupied by the personality of the place and the ease with which its clients move there.

madera en tiendas

We go to the store because we like fashion, so it is also important that our space displays a decoration in tune with our customers and their revolutionary ideas. Therefore, let’s launch into creating and recreating space, generating magnificent combinations between woods of Eastern origin and the style of the West. It is not necessary to have many luxuries, but to strategically plan the spaces where we place our wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is very versatile. Consequently, both the most relevant uses and those that refer to the decoration of your store. Here we have prepared some uses for the most common wooden furniture in stores, shopping centers, supermarkets and newsstands.

  • Food organization in the supermarket
  • Tables to place shoes and clothes
  • Hanging and Folded Clothing Organizers
  • Stained glass and displays
  • Shelves for sale of objects or for decoration
  • Collection desks
  • Oriental handicraft objects made of wood
  • Floors and walls


Wooden furniture is also useful outside the home. Restaurants and shops are splendid examples and from which we still have much to learn. These pieces of furniture, matching our interior and exterior designs, can increase the value of our establishment and the satisfaction of our clients. It does not matter that your restaurant or store does not offer typical oriental food or clothing, your identity is what will mark your differentiation from others.

There are several unforgettable words before investing in wooden furniture for restaurants and shops: Beauty, warmth, elegance, resistance, comfort and design. All of them must be combined to create more familiar, comfortable and intimate environments. That a bad decoration does not change your day. Make everyone feel at home.

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