Are you one of those who prefer to have everything organized in one place? Or are you one of those who have varied furniture at home differentiating each thing? In any case, the important thing is your comfort and the light decoration that you bring to your home. That is why, among the wooden furniture, those that contain drawers and doors for this purpose stand out. Join us to discover how to bring a little more order and beauty to your life.

Types of furniture with drawers and doors

It’s all about obtaining, in the least number of pieces possible, wooden furniture for the storage of our objects. In addition, the usefulness and versatility of the pieces makes each one contribute their grain of sand in the personalized and attractive construction of your space. Some corner tables, bedside tables, shelves and sideboards will support your rooms and be excellent allies for you.

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Kitchen - dining room

Shelf or cupboard: In the kitchen – dining room, everything we want to place never fits. That is why you have probably inherited a piece of furniture from your grandmother where she kept all kinds of things. You can complement wood with glass, although being honest, its elegance is unique. Glasses, plates, cups, cutlery, teapots, pots… you can place everything there, including fine crockery that you only take out at Christmas.

Kitchen shelves: Just above your kitchen you can place wooden shelves. In general, they are not made up of drawers, but of doors, which with sufficient height and depth allow you to store everything related to your kitchen in this space. What’s positive about them? Well, they are accessible wooden furniture, but away from everyone’s path, making them very useful and comfortable for everyone.

Studying roomCuarto de estudio

Desk: Vintage wooden desks are back in style. Recovering a used one, sanding it and re-varnishing it, can be a good option. Today’s desks tend to be very simple and made of less-than-durable materials, so if we add the doors and drawers for storage that we can find in wooden desks, they simply become ideal.

Trade chest of drawers: Although it is not the most common, you probably remember this furniture for its large size and numerous square drawers one next to and below the other. In your study room it can help you organize papers and office supplies, but if you also want to take it to your kitchen, it will serve as a support to store your cutlery, spices and other instruments that you need. Put funky labels in front of them so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

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Living room

Multipurpose or multifurniture: Wooden furniture with various uses obtains this name. You can usually find on them and in their drawers and doors: televisions, audio equipment, decorative ornaments, old music records and much more. You can place in them what you want and put them both in sight and hidden from your guests.

Sideboard: That dead corner you have at home can fully benefit from a wooden sideboard. The hall, the corridor or the living room are the places where they are often placed. There you can store photos, books, magazines, your keys, umbrella or anything you use when entering and leaving the house. You will have a real warehouse with everything you need without dust or humidity.


Dressers: The dressers or dressing tables are wooden furniture that always have to be in our bedrooms. On top or in its drawers, you can place makeup, beauty items, hair materials, sleeping items and even your appliances such as the hair dryer and straightener. They are perfect complements for large spaces, in addition to helping you to relieve your wardrobe.

Bedside table: These small wooden pieces of furniture have been with us all our lives. The reality is that they are very beautiful to decorate our room while we place our lamps, clocks, books and electronic equipment that we use before sleeping on them. If they contain drawers or doors underneath, they will also be useful to place your underwear, pajamas and everything you need nearby.

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Wooden furniture with drawers and doors contains charm and utility in all your rooms. Use your empty spaces and turn your furniture into your own allies. Manage to make special combinations between your wooden furniture and other decorative objects such as paintings, crystals, vases, oriental crafts or others, but without making it excessive. Identity is everything.

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