The Asian culture, from which the Martinique Collection furniture comes from, promotes essential elements that can be associated with work in the office, such as the organization of spaces, the experience of life through values, education and behaviors of people. By inserting wooden furniture in these spaces, you are not only investing in quality, comfort and ergonomics at work, but also in developing styles for your company.

Like the harmony you create at home, it is possible to create positive environments within the workplace. The oriental philosophy, its wooden furniture and craft elements enrich the spaces, making the natural, useful and harmonious prevail among the workers of the place. Of course, when opting for one or another piece of furniture, we also have to take into account that it matches our work environment and constitutes a source of comfort and attractiveness for everyone.

The right material

New companies, based on innovation, technology and development, have chosen to use synthetic or metal materials for their office furniture. In some cases, such as office chairs and sofas, these materials are more comfortable and cheaper. However, when investing in tables, sideboards, benches and decorative elements, wood is the perfect material for it. This is because wood, especially oak, acacia or cedar, tends to be solid, which translates into stronger and more durable furniture.

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Location of wooden furniture in office

Each site hides its own purposes, so the furniture that is inserted in them must be in line with it. Martinica Collection wooden furniture, if it aligns with the decoration of your work environment, will be excellent in some spaces. Here we show you some of its uses in each area of ​​the office.

DEN SHIN stool: Stools are seats that we normally associate with eating spaces, so why not include them in our shared kitchen as well. Many of the workers have snacks or their lunch socializing in this area, so comfortable wooden furniture will make them happier and more focused when they return to work.

CITTA sideboard: Sideboards come in various sizes and shapes. For the office, the most comfortable and useful are those large and solid in which all kinds of documents can be stored and are well protected against dust and some accidents such as spilled water or coffee. Elements of oriental crafts can be placed on them to decorate the space, books or prizes obtained by the company to connect with the workers.

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KIKAI Bench: In any space where workers, partners and clients share, it is useful to have a wooden bench. For example, in meeting rooms, co-working spaces, creative areas, break rooms and training areas, this wooden furniture can serve as another seat with several seats or a side table where you can place the accessories you need.

TRIPITAKA basket: Baskets, chests and wooden boxes, although they are decorative elements, can be useful for placing printed institutional material, magazines, candies or other useful objects for your clients, suppliers and business partners during their wait.

Advantages of wooden furniture

Not only oriental companies or those associated with this culture can benefit from wooden furniture in this style. The elegance and attractiveness that impregnate the spaces are unique elements that are obtained from the investment in them. Therefore, we show you some advantages of wooden furniture in the office.

  • Distinctive corporate style and identity
  • Consistent and elegant image of the company in the physical space
  • Identification of workers with the style of their company that transcends work hours
  • Adequate, comfortable and durable material for the company
  • Useful furniture for workers, business partners and customers
    Insertion in multiple spaces
  • Cozy and sustainable furniture
  • Easy maintenance


The usefulness of wooden furniture is due to the relationship between the uses granted to it and its durability. If we invest in furniture for the office, we must think in the long term and, without a doubt, wood is an integral solution for it. Although more expensive, office furniture must offer excellent work spaces and attractive elements that distinguish you from your peers. If you are looking for punctuality and productivity, oriental wood furniture in the office can become what you need.

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