“Nature always carries the colors of the spirit,” commented Ralph Emerson. How much truth there is in it! Many of us enjoy the warmth of reading a book on our terrace, having coffee in the garden or having a picnic with friends. It all comes down to our passions, the desire to be outdoors and the exhilaration of nature.

But how uncomfortable is it to just be there, without any supporting furniture? Wood is part of that natural feeling that we seek to achieve in the decoration of our home. Therefore, we must also include it in gardens, balconies and terraces. Let yourself go and learn about the best types of wood and why we love using it outdoors.

Always in contact with nature

As you know, wood comes from trees, so we will not find other furniture as useful, beautiful and natural. Each piece of furniture has its own essence, even if it has been manufactured or hand-carved by an expert in the field. From the Martinica Collection, we have brought you a collection about the best woods for your afternoons outdoors, their resistance to inclement weather, insects and fungi.

Original wood

The wood without effects tells a lot about its history. Each ring that you can find in its design represents one year of the life of the tree it comes from. This original wood, without polishing or varnishing, provides resistance and constant humidity regulation to our outdoor furniture. Therefore, you can think about it if you do not have a lot of budget or want to use it for a short time.

Teak wood

It is said that teak wood meets all the versatility and durability requirements necessary before deciding on our wooden furniture. It comes from Asia, from countries like India, Cambodia and Vietnam. Its colors and properties are resistant, as well as elegant and resemble the furniture that we propose in the Martinica Collection Shop. It can be used in hot and cold climates and resists occasional attacks by insects outside. Although it tends to have higher prices, it is totally worth it.

Woods with excellent quality - price

For outdoor use, bamboo and green pine are the most suitable woods. The first is a sustainable material, which at the same time allows you to fill your terrace or balcony with beauty and appeal. Green pine, meanwhile, is cheaper and creates a perfect match with nature. Although they are not very hard, they can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Try applying some protective treatment to them and store your furniture indoors during periods when you are not using them.

Tropical woods

Wood furniture from South America is also highly sought after. This material is used to high exposure to moisture in its natural state. Therefore, it will be very resistant to place outdoors such as terraces and balconies.

The pleasure of using wooden furniture

Admit it, you’ve been scrolling for hours on Pinterest not settling on the perfect decor for your home. However, many times the wood matches between your furniture, even when you prefer more modern trends. What is this about? Well, we have several ideas with which you will surely feel identified.

The wooden furniture is timeless. When we are next to a piece of furniture of this type, it is impossible not to get the idea of ​​being in its natural environment and building stories about where it comes from.

The decoration becomes irresistible. If your garden, balcony or terrace has become somewhat bland, there is nothing like placing a wooden furniture on it. This type of furniture radiates warmth, utility and good taste.

Wood gives it a natural touch. Being among friends, your wooden furniture will definitely be on everyone’s lips. Using them outdoors can feel somewhat daring, however, it is nothing more than luck to take them to their natural environment and enjoy them.

What furniture from the Martinicia Collection can I use?

Although many prefer to decorate the terraces with wood flooring and wall cladding, the Martinica Collection furniture is very attractive to decorate outdoors. We comply with the quality and protection standards of wood for your home. Of course, take some useful and if you do not need it all the time, put it back inside the house until your next break.

For your decoration, relaxation and enjoyment of the exteriors of your home, opt for our boxes, chests, baskets, tables, benches and stools. Combine them with other furniture and enjoy the direct contact with nature.


Wooden outdoor furniture can create relaxing environments and spaces decorated in nature. Without a doubt, we will look for quality and furniture that will last us for many years. Therefore, it is important to know the properties that give it beauty and durability. Now go out to your terrace, balcony or garden and imagine endless possibilities to bring wooden furniture to these spaces. Remember that identity is everything.