When you think of a wooden chest, what comes to mind? The memory of a pirate movie or a romantic love scene? Actually, each one can say a lot about your personality, but if you really fell in love with them, we have good news for you: Wooden chests are not a thing of the past, but can be extremely useful in the XXI century. Join us to discover it.

It is not about bringing old or second-hand furniture home. The vintage style of the wooden trunks adapts to each space and gives a strong personality to our room. In general, and with the wooden trunks that are currently manufactured, they try to recreate the old style that attracts us so much and, to be fair, they are achieving it.

What are wooden chests?

Wooden chests are boxes, usually made of solid wood, in which all kinds of objects are stored. Their old style makes them highly demanded pieces in current decoration, as it brings a vintage peculiarity to our space. In addition, each trunk, with its various shapes, colors and uses, tells its own story. Therefore, if you have one in any room, you are already privileged.

baúl adornado

Uses and applications

When it comes to acquiring a wooden trunk, you may still have doubts about the uses that you can give it at home. Don’t worry though, these unique pieces of furniture will look good anywhere. As a bedside table, a seat in your hall or a storage room between seasons, wooden chests are back in fashion and have more applications than ever.

Nightstand: We love this furniture. They are useful to have right next to our bed and place glasses, books, remote controls, mobile phones or a beautiful little lamp. Trunks in their smallest forms can perform this function. Similarly, if you want to place it next to the furniture in the living room, its uses will be diversified to also place magazines and decorative objects.

Bench: Wooden chests are also useful as a seat. In the hall of the house it is very useful to place it to take off your shoes when you enter and store them inside, while in the bedroom, if we place them right after the bed, they can help you organize your clothes and get dressed, while you store the clothes of another season and bed linen.

Coffee table: Among the furniture in the room, on the balcony or in the garden or terrace, wooden chests can be very comfortable. On them you can place snacks, drinks, board games and everything you can imagine while you are with your visitors. Of course, it is very important that the wood is resistant to liquids that spill occasionally. Otherwise, you will have to be very attentive all the time.

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Warehouse: We all store things at home: our children’s drawings, clothes from another season, children’s toys and even shoes when we get home from the street. Wooden chests, while providing a space to store all your objects, are beautiful to place anywhere.

Extra seat: If the lid of your trunk is flat, it will also serve as a seat. Your family and friends will appreciate that you make a comfortable space for them when they visit you. In addition, trunks, unlike chests, can be easily transported around the house and placed in the living room, bedroom, terrace, garage or garden.

Sideboard: A sideboard per house is very comfortable to have in strategic locations such as the hallway, the kitchen and even the bathroom. They have the previous functions, such as storage, as a functional table and as a small seat. It is even possible to reserve it only to place our television and that’s it, one more use of wooden furniture.

Old furniture for home

There are trunks of many shapes, colors and sizes. However, we recommend those closest to dark tones, well worked and with enough space. In addition to being functional, you can give these objects a decorative and reserve use, allowing you to store all your belongings away from dust and humidity.

Our best recommendation: Combine your wooden chests with our furniture of oriental origin and make your decoration vintage. Dark tones and solid wood will create unique and, more importantly, useful and long-lasting environments. Dare to implement these original spaces. Store, order and decorate with them.

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