When we speak of the woods of the East, we are not referring to the exotic perfume that was marketed a few years ago. However, we want to tell you about beautiful furniture with incomparable colors and scents. At Martinica Collection we work with these materials: Elm, Pine, Cedar and others, so that each piece has its own personality and the decoration of your home a little more modern and unique.

What do you gain knowing the characteristics of the woods of the East? Knowledge never hurts and so you can decide on one or another piece of furniture according to your needs, budget and expected durability. Wood is one of the oldest materials, but also one of the most elegant and natural. That is why here we tell you everything you need to know before bringing a little piece of the world to your home.


The wood of the Elm tree can be found in Central Europe and Asia and is one of the most used for centuries. However, recent pests are forcing growers to curtail its use, before driving it completely to extinction. Without a doubt, it is an expensive wood, but its quality is worth it. It is a semi-hard wood, which makes it ductile to bend and create with, but resistant and perfect for thousands of uses.

Elm can be exposed to humid conditions or to be in contact with water without losing its characteristics or changing its shape. That is why, in addition to being used for wooden furniture, it is used in floors, musical instruments and even in the construction of boats. Your Elm wood furniture will be very durable, even with little maintenance over the years, but let’s take care of it, its condition can change when it comes into contact with fungi and insects.

Pine tree

Among those chosen to tell you about the wood of the East, pine is the cheapest. Its varieties, moreover, are very soft and easy to bend, which is why they are used both in furniture and in constructions and panels. Pine tends to be a light toned material, reminiscent of honey when sealed. When it comes to mixing with oriental culture, there is no discussion, it will be the object that dazzles at home.

For a minimalist but elegant decoration, pine is added to our wooden furniture. Although it is also sensitive to pests, it is still more abundant than its counterpart: the Elm. It is also used in doors, windows, containers and plywood boards inside the house. But, without a doubt, its resistance, flexibility and the mixture of its components guarantee quality furniture for several years.


Cedar stands out among our wooden furniture from the East. This is due to the reddish color that it obtains in the final processes of making the furniture, in addition to the fact that it has a characteristic and aromatic smell. It is so resistant that it can be used indoors and outdoors, resisting humidity without breaking down. Although it resembles a stronger wood, it is a light material and supports less weight, but it also has excellent quality.

Cedar wood is stable and durable. The Martinica Collection furniture that uses it has an excellent acceptance among our clients, due to its infinity of uses and quality. Sometimes this wood has also been used to make toys, musical instruments, outdoor furniture, doors, moldings and handicrafts. Let’s say that the quality/price ratio you are looking for in your wooden furniture resides in Cedro.


A 100% natural and ecological material is not found every day. Therefore, beautiful wooden furniture from the Orient is also difficult to find and make them stay with us. We firmly believe that identity is everything, so choose wisely what you bring into your home and then dazzle all your visitors. With charm, resistance, flexibility and elegance, make your furniture useful and unique.

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